About us

We are a licensed registrar of offshore and onshore companies in the UAE. The company’s staff includes certified specialists in the field of international law and tax planning who will provide qualified and competent assistance and comprehensive advice, regardless of the complexity of the issue.

We work without intermediaries, since the company is geographically located in the UAE, which has a positive effect on the pricing policy, allowing us to provide quality services at reasonable prices. Our team is focused only on a positive result in the interests of the client and is ready to help find effective and optimal ways to solve their problems.

With each day, the list of services expands, thanks to the daily persistent work of our specialists.
About us

Our specialization

  • Registration of companies of various forms of ownership;
  • International tax planning;
  • Obtaining a tax certificate for legal entities and individuals;
  • Opening of bank accounts;
  • Sale of existing foreign enterprises;
  • Obtaining complex licenses;
  • Nominee services;
  • Legalization of documents.


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History of the company

How It All Started>

How It All Started

The history of Dynasty Business Adviser begins in 2015 in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain, UAE. At that time, the company was engaged in the registration of offshore and other types of organizations in Ajman and free economic zones of the Emirates. The founder of Dynasty Business Adviser knew exactly how to offer high-quality corporate and legal services in this country thanks to his specialized legal education.

The young specialist was in search of prospects and professional growth. Previously, he worked in several law firms, helping clients with opening bank accounts and obtaining resident visas. Also within his competence was the registration of local organizations in the free zone of the UAE.

Through experience, he came to the realization that the internal system processes of most legal service offices are not perfect. After identifying all the drawbacks of this activity and researching the industry in depth, he made the decision to launch his own business, offering services that were superior to those available in the UAE market. The foundation of the future successful project was the desire to avoid mistakes, regularly met in practice as an ordinary employee.

Active Expansion>

Active Expansion

The business is actively growing in 2017, and so is its clientele. Here is what was done in this case:

  • Focus on work processes optimizing. Each employee was in charge of a particular case, its administration, and its outcome.
  • Complete reorganization of approaches to client management. The practice of continuous communication and 24/7 support has been introduced, providing immediate answers to all questions, regardless of whether the client is in the UAE or on the other side of the world.
  • Increasing the range of services provided. There are now additional fields, like document legalization and the opening of more intricately structured corporations.
  • Increasing the level of communication with government agencies. This significantly affected the speed and productivity of work.

Minor improvements were also made, including a few in the management area. It overall contributed to the rapid growth of the company and the formation of strong, trusting relationships with clients.

Improving the Quality of Work>

Improving the Quality of Work

2018 was a very successful year. High-quality service strengthened the company’s rating and pushed it to conquer new heights. This allowed us to confidently gain a leading position in the consulting services niche.

Dynasty Business Adviser’s activities went beyond simple formalities. Throughout the entire cooperation process, the client was fully supported, from advice on profitable businesses in the UAE to completion of all processes with regional services and departments. The company also provided consulting services in the field of optimization of tax planning, because optimization of the tax burden is one of the key factors in the rapid development of any organization.

Establishing Systematicity>

Establishing Systematicity

2019 became a strategically important year for the company, as relations with partners – banks, and state departments – developed rapidly. As a result, customer service optimization has significantly improved. Processes have become more coherent, efficient, and systematic.

Difficult Period>

Difficult Period

Due to the onset of the pandemic, 2020 became a difficult period for absolutely all companies. Dynasty Business Adviser was able to survive difficult times thanks to its accumulated assets and client base. We managed not only to retain our clients but also to increase their number.

The pandemic has led to a slowdown and stop of most processes in many areas of activity. However, our company made good use of this time, paying special attention to the analysis and revision of internal processes, their improvement, and adaptation to new realities, as well as enhanced preparation for future growth.

If 2020 was a year of stagnation for anyone, Dynasty Business Adviser most certainly wasn’t one of them.

Changes in the Company>

Changes in the Company

2021 brought changes in the form of a new office in the heart of Dubai – in the Business Bay area. The change of address has made interaction with clients more convenient – now it has become easier for them to get to negotiations or meetings. For those clients who personally come to the UAE, Dynasty Business Adviser has provided support in comfortable cars with a personal consultant.

Expansion of the Staff>

Expansion of the Staff

The company’s staff was replenished with new qualified specialists, which made it possible to expand the range of services. Employees guide clients at all stages that fall under the jurisdiction of UAE government authorities (tax and migration services, labor department). The company’s specialists are engaged in processing all types of resident visas, as well as registering trademarks in the Emirates. Dynasty Business Adviser helps with purchasing real estate, setting up family trusts, and more services.

Potential and Growth>

Potential and Growth

The founder of Dynasty Business Adviser is aware that there is no such thing as perfection and that the market for consulting services still has much room for growth. The company is constantly searching to improve service and customer service, trying to develop and keep up with the surrounding reality. Our goal is to follow corporate principles: to complete the work we start and always achieve a positive result.

Today the company has more than 400 clients. Dynasty Business Adviser cares about them and is proud of everyone. All our clients are successfully developing in completely different areas of activity, such as logistics, agricultural trading, oil trading, IT, and much more. This suggests that there are no unsolvable tasks for Dynasty Business Adviser. With our help, you can always quickly and safely open a business in the UAE in the direction that you consider a priority.

Of course, Dynasty Business Adviser still has ambitious plans, and new opportunities to expand business horizons lie ahead. The business doesn’t try to establish its superiority; rather, its many years of experience and an increasing number of happy clients speak for themselves. Many of them came to Dynasty Business Adviser through recommendations. All of the customers who wanted the company’s assistance stayed with us for a long time.

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