Business support services in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has earned a reputation as a leading global center for entrepreneurship. It is one of the most attractive places to do business thanks to its stable economy, favorable tax policies, active adoption of cutting-edge technologies, and hospitality towards foreign guests. The luxurious interiors and exteriors, well-maintained beaches and lawns, unique architecture — all these elements are simply breathtaking and attract millions of solvent tourists. To quickly adapt to the business processes in this dynamically developing country, use the consulting services from Dynasty Business Adviser. We will assist with registration, relocation, or the purchase of an enterprise while considering your resources and realizing any ambitious goals you may have.
Business support services in the UAE
Our advantages
Work experience
For more than 8 years, Dynasty Business Adviser has been successfully introducing new players to the UAE business market. Our employees' qualifications in international law and practical experience in solving the most complex problems allow our team to develop effective schemes for clients to start activities in the Emirates successfully.
From the moment of acquaintance until the end of cooperation, all tasks set by the client are solved quickly. We are available 24/7 and promptly attend meetings. Time is money, so our team acts professionally and harmoniously, achieving the desired result quickly.
We plan and organize future activities considering the specifics of local legislation. We also handle all the formalities: company registration, legalizing documents, obtaining tax certificates and licenses, opening bank accounts, and accounting support. Your UAE business will work like a Swiss watch.
No intermediaries
Having its own office in Dubai allows Dynasty Business Adviser to work directly with clients. We do not transfer cases into the hands of intermediaries but independently represent your interests in government and commercial structures so we can guarantee the efficiency of our work and the achievement of our goals.
Complete anonymity is one of the guarantees for the safe start and operation of the client’s business. That is why we pay attention to non-disclosing confidential information to third parties. Our goal is successful cooperation and an invaluable contribution to the impeccable Dynasty Business Adviser reputation.
VIP service
Our activity's main priority is finding ways to achieve clients’ goals. Our professionals will solve any assigned tasks, even if the situation requires a non-standard approach, and will complete the work they have started. With Dynasty Business Adviser, your business has every chance of success in the UAE.
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Steps of cooperation with us

  1. Submit a request
  2. Contact us through a convenient method: a callback form, online chat, phone, or messaging apps.

  3. Specify the details
  4. Our consultant will respond to your request promptly: we are available 24/7. Describe your situation and receive a consultation regarding your inquiry.

  5. Sign the contract
  6. After approving the task and agreeing on the payment amount, you will receive a link to the contract. Sign it online through the provided service.

  7. Make a payment
  8. Choose one of the convenient payment options and pay the amount specified in the contract.

  9. Monitor the process
  10. Receive support from your personal consultant, who will monitor your project and keep you updated on its progress.

  11. Get the result
  12. After the agreement expires, get the promised result and ensure the task is completed.

What our services include

We provide high-quality and professional business support services in financial and legal matters on an outsourcing basis. This will help you save on staff such as lawyers, financial experts, and offer accounting in UAE. Finding highly qualified personnel is not easy, and maintaining them is much more expensive than ordering expert services. Our goal is to help you save money and free up resources for the rapid development of your business on a convenient platform so that we can continue our mutually beneficial cooperation.

What we offer

Legal support

Starting a business in an unfamiliar country with different laws based on religious customs is a real challenge for an entrepreneur. Focus on running your business instead of solving complex issues and entrust the matter to experts who are well-versed in local laws and cultural traditions.

Experienced certified specialists at Dynasty Business Adviser:

  • assist in drafting and notarizing legal documents;
  • protect clients’ interests in government agencies;
  • Provide legal advice Dubai and legal consultations to help clients make strategically correct their decisions.

Accounting support

Bookkeeping for tax reporting, annual financial audits, and accurate completion of all documents in English or Arabic require high qualifications. Additionally, UAE legislation (in some cases) mandates that reports be stored for 5 to 15 years in case of an audit.

To avoid penalties, entrust your business’s accounting support to our experts who:

  • assist with tax registration;
  • accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai;
  • ensure timely submission of reports and payment of taxes;
  • conduct audits, and provide clients with an objective assessment of the financial state of their business;
  • accounting services for small business.

Opening and managing bank accounts

The UAE financial market is characterized not only by high stability but also by a wide range of banking products. However, each financial institution has its own system of account opening requirements. It’s not easy to gain trust here, and you might not get a second chance after one refusal.

Trust our team to open your account, and you will get:

  • assistance in preparing documents for successful bank verification;
  • a corporate, personal, or offshore account within two weeks;
  • Access to a modern financial infrastructure where capital inflow and outflow is still protected by banking secrecy.

Document legalization

The UAE is not a member of the Hague Convention, so they do not use the Apostille. This means that all official documents here need to be legalized. This process is quite complex, requiring visits to institutions such as the consulate, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, the documents need to be properly translated into English and Arabic.

Entrust these concerns to Dynasty Business Adviser corporate lawyers in Dubai, equipped with the necessary skills and connections to:

  • avoid mistakes that could significantly delay the process;
  • go through this important stage without delays to quickly complete the company registration in the UAE;
  • save your resources and direct your time and efforts towards solving business challenges.

Tax support

Until recently, the Emirates could be described as a tax-free country. However, in recent years, VAT and corporate taxes have been introduced with specific conditions for different types of businesses and individual terms within free economic zones (FEZs). To optimize the tax burden, it is necessary to navigate all the nuances of legislation and understand the requirements in various emirates and FEZs. To optimize your tax burden, it is essential to navigate all the intricacies of legislation and understand the requirements across various emirates and FEZs.

By ordering our services, you will get:

  • optimal solutions to obtain a favorable tax rate and our comprehensive accounting consultancy services;
  • the ability to avoid double taxation;
  • a business model that operates within legal frameworks and ensures confidentiality.

Business relocation

The worsening economic situation in the external and internal European markets is pushing entrepreneurs to search for a more reliable and stable jurisdiction. The UAE meets these conditions. However, without knowledge of legal nuances, local laws based on Sharia principles, and both English and Arabic languages, it will be very difficult to complete this procedure.

Order our comprehensive services and get support in the following:

  • selection of a free economic zone considering the future development prospects of your business with our business lawyer Dubai;
  • preparation of all necessary documents for the relocation of the company, including visas for employees;
  • a “business support” service with highly affordable pricing.

Registering and starting a company

Doing business in the Emirates is prestigious, convenient, and economically beneficial. However, to establish a company, you need to meet several requirements that can vary significantly depending on the type of business activity, the legal form of the enterprise, and which emirate you plan to register in. In some cases, you need to find local shareholders, while in others, you might even need to pass certification.

To avoid getting bogged down in this process for months, contact us for help:

  • we open and register all types of companies in the UAE — offshore, onshore, and free zone companies;
  • we conduct an audit of your business with the aim to develop tax planning strategies;
  • we evaluate the profitability of an existing business, if it’s easier to buy it.

Trademark registration

To open a branch or representative office in the Emirates, as well as to protect your own production from unfair competition, you need to register a trademark. It can include words, phrases, symbols, or color schemes. The difficulty lies in the fact that the most trivial things for a European can be perceived ambiguously by Arab residents.

To avoid having your request denied, get our expert assistance:

  • in selecting the most appropriate name in accordance with UAE laws and regulations;
  • in preparing documents for trademark registration;
  • in accurately translating the name into English and Arabic.

Certificates and visas

To obtain the right to reside and work in the Emirates or the ability to avoid double taxation in your home country, you will need residence certificates and visas. You can obtain them in various ways: by opening a local business, a company representative office, or by purchasing a property. However, without knowledge of the Arabic language and the legislation of the UAE, simple issues turn into endless red tape.

Sign up for our consultation to learn:

  • which option suits you best based on your financial capabilities;
  • what documents are required and how to prepare, certify, and legalize them;
  • what opportunities the particular document opens up for you.

Legal consulting

Any process related to moving to the Emirates, starting or running a business here may require the assistance of a qualified lawyer. The fact is that the UAE has its own unique legal system, which combines elements of Islamic law (Sharia), European law, and international standards. It’s next to impossible to navigate this complex system on your own and comply with all requirements.

Legal consultation from our experts in the field of tax and international law will help you to:

  • save valuable time that you would otherwise spend studying a large amount of information;
  • avoid unnecessary mistakes and annoying financial losses;
  • launch your business, obtain a visa, and seamlessly integrate into the amazing lifestyle of the Emirates quickly and easily.

Other services

Our list of services is constantly growing along with the demands of new clients, the expansion of our staff, and the increased qualifications of our team. We are ready to provide not only comprehensive legal support and accounting services in Dubai for your business but also assist you in finding premises, obtaining citizenship, and many other matters.

What you will gain from our partnership

  • Protection of your interests before government authorities.
  • Preparation of contracts and transaction support.
  • Clear and predictable results.
  • Assistance from a qualified and coordinated team.
  • Unique solutions for complex business requests.
  • High-quality service with 24/7 support. 

Pricing for our services

You can find the cost of our services in the detailed description of each section by clicking the “Learn more” button. For example, trademark registration starts at $1800, and a residency visa starts at $2000. If the price is not listed in a particular section, you can inquire directly with an expert for a consultation. Since the cost of services is often influenced by various factors, it is easier to clarify the price after discussing your individual request.


A life of luxury in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah can become your reality if you secure expert support from specialized professionals. On this page, you have reviewed the legal, accounting, and administrative services provided by Dynasty Business Adviser. Our accounting consultants and other certified specialists, with eight years of experience, successfully tackle tasks of any complexity and are always client-focused.

Thanks to our high professionalism and attention to detail, we offer superior service at the most affordable prices. If you are looking for a reliable partner to handle your commercial and legal matters, please contact us.

Get a consultation

    Who will you communicate with?
    Customer Service
    We will discuss your request and issue, find the optimal solution, and pass the project to the appropriate specialist. We will provide information about the company's services and introduce you to leading specialists within the company.
    After consultation with the customer service manager, the legal consultant conducts a more in-depth analysis of your request and develops project strategy options and preliminary organization of all processes.
    Lead Company
    Will coordinate with you the strategy and stages of further work and conditions. Will be responsible for coordinating the work of the legal consultant, ensuring the correct implementation of the strategy, providing individual approach, and ensuring compliance of the team's activities with legal norms.
    Manages your project within the company, coordinates team activities, and ensures that project goals are achieved on time. Responsible for planning, executing, and monitoring assigned tasks.
    Public Relations
    Manager (PRO)
    Represents your interests in government agencies, including handling company registration and subsequent processes, obtaining additional permits, and accompanying you during visits to government agencies.
    Accounting Department
    Will communicate directly with you regarding accounting issues, transactions, and necessary documentation. Ensures the correctness and order of your financial flows functioning.

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