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Notarial Services for Individuals

Notarizing documents for individuals in the United Arab Emirates comes with its own set of nuances. Issuing legal documents that authorize an agent to act on behalf of another private individual entails certain limitations. Individual powers of attorney serve specific purposes.

Remote document processing in the UAE can significantly streamline and expedite the process compared to offline notarial procedures.

Online Notary Services for Individuals

Varieties of Power of Attorney (POA) for Individuals:

  • Special Personal Power of Attorney (SPOA).
  • General Power of Attorney (GPOA).

Processing Special Personal Power of Attorney

Main Subtypes of SPOA:

  1. Power of Attorney for Real Estate.
  2. Power of Attorney for Vehicles — allows for vehicle management (car export, car servicing, buying and selling of cars, obtaining license plates, initial registration, and registration renewal).
  3. Power of Attorney for Marriage Registration in the Emirates.

Online document notarization is carried out under the country’s current legislation requirements.

Remote Processing of General Power of Attorney

General power of attorney online enables representing the principal’s interests in government agencies, managing an individual’s vehicles and real estate, and handling personal financial matters.

When processing GPOA, the principal grants the agent broad powers to manage personal affairs, so one must be highly vigilant to avoid potential misuse of authority by another individual.

Power of Attorney for Real Estate

This document authorizes the authorized person to perform specific actions related to real estate. Such transactions may include buying/selling property, managing leases, and more.

Preparation and Notarization of Will

A prepared power of attorney for inheritance, issued to the deceased’s heir(s), allows initiating and completing the inheritance process within the laws of the UAE and obtaining directives for the distribution of material and non-material assets.

Legalization of Personal Documents

An example of legalizing personal documents could be a consent form for a minor’s trip with third parties (relatives, family friends, other individuals). Obtaining such a document confirms the absence of objections to sponsoring the minor.

Formation of Service Costs and Timelines

Document Title

Processing Time, Working Days

Current Price, AED


Special Personal Power of Attorney


from 1900*

Text notarization in any language available (provided by the client)

General Power of Attorney or Power of Attorney for Real Estate


from 1600*

Translation into Arabic or English languages available

Online Will


from 1900*

Full or partial inheritance transfer possible

* This information is approximate and subject to change depending on government fees.

Special Features of Working with Us for Individuals

Dynasty Business Adviser has offered comprehensive online notary services for private individuals for nearly ten years.

Contact our firm’s managers for a detailed consultation.

Notarization of Documents for Legal Entities

Managing a legal entity and business development in the United Arab Emirates is difficult. It requires meticulous daily work and sound decisions, especially in the legal realm, where the expertise of a qualified notary is indispensable.

Online Notary Services for Business

We offer online registration and modification of corporate documents with the assistance of a licensed agent — Dynasty Business Adviser. Providing services remotely is characterized by simplicity, efficiency, and maximum convenience for the client.

Writing the Rules for a New Company

For registering a new local company or branch in the UAE, the presence of Articles of Association and notarized data on the share capital is mandatory. It is worth noting that the requirements for the size of the share capital may vary. Online document processing takes up to three working days.

Amendment of Company Articles of Association

Notarization of amendments to individual corporate documents may be required for:

  • Editing the license and/or articles of association.
  • Introducing new shareholders into the executed documents.
  • Other corrections.

The cost of a one-time document editing starts from 2100 AED.

Notarization of Company Sale/Purchase

Buying or selling a business requires notarization after the company’s corporate document changes. For instance, the Articles of Association should include details about the purchase or sale.

Adding Additional Company Shareholders

To add a new shareholder, the following documents may be required:

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Resident visa
  3. Emirates ID.
  4. Bank statement from the account where the new shareholder is registered.

The service fee starts from 2100 AED

Notarization of Company Shareholders’ Decisions

Certain decisions made by the board of directors only come into effect after being notarized. For example, the legalization of a subsidiary’s activities. The documentation process typically takes 1 to 3 working days.

Making Special Amendments to Company Articles of Association

This service is required for:

  • Change of business activity.
  • Company name change.
  • Other modifications.

A one-time editing service starts from 2100 AED.

Working with Legal Documents

The main difference between processing legal documents for a legal entity and notarizing personal documents is issuing different types of notarial powers of attorney.

Legalizing documents in the UAE for legal entities involves dealing with the following types of powers of attorney:

  • Special (for opening bank accounts, making changes to corporate documents, delegating rights to sign contracts, registering a new company or trademark, representing interests in tax matters, etc.).
  • Business management: The power of attorney outlines all the manager’s powers necessary to ensure the company’s smooth operation.
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