UAE Golden Visa

The United Arab Emirates is the most prestigious and comfortable place to live. The UAE has achieved this status through sound government policies that create ideal conditions for attracting talented inventors, medical professionals, technical specialists, IT developers, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the world. The Golden Visa allows innovators and entrepreneurs to stay in the country, positively impacting its economy. If you are interested in getting it, the certified international law specialists at Dynasty Business Adviser will assist you at every stage of the documentation process.
UAE Golden Visa
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What is Golden Visa UAE?

In 2019, the UAE introduced a long-term visa called the Golden Visa to attract talented individuals, investors, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Since then, about 70,000 people have become residents of the UAE. The Golden Visa is valid for 10 or 5 years (for retirees), after which it is automatically renewed an unlimited number of times for the same period.

Now, let’s explore the advantages of the Golden Visa in the UAE compared to other options.

Benefits of the Golden Visa in the UAE

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A regular investor visa allows you to stay in the Emirates for 2-3 years, with restrictions on the time you can spend outside the country: if you are away for more than six months, your residency is canceled. The Golden Visa is the equivalent of a UAE residence permit, which gives its holder the benefits of using local services on par with native residents:

  • live in the country and travel abroad without restrictions;
  • retain 100% ownership of a business in the mainland (without the Golden Visa, a foreigner can only open a company in the mainland if at least 51% of the shares are owned by local investors);
  • enroll children in local schools and universities;
  • obtain a driver’s license and purchase vehicles;
  • apply for loans and mortgages;
  • do business or get a job, receiving a salary at the level of local residents;
  • sponsor residence visas for parents and children;
  • sponsor up to 3 maids and a driver.

Services for obtaining the Golden Visa

To obtain a Golden Visa, follow these steps:

  • meet one of the conditions for getting a visa;
  • submit an online application with a package of documents to the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs);
  • wait for a response from GDRFA confirming receipt of your application;
  • wait for the federal administration to verify all the information;
  • receive a notification to visit the nearest Amer service center to collect your visa.

Meeting the eligibility conditions and preparing the documentation in both English and Arabic are the most challenging steps in getting the visa. We can assist you with these issues.

The services of Dynasty Business Adviser include:

  • student visa processing;
  • opening corporate and personal bank accounts;
  • business registration in Dubai, other emirates, or in a free zone;
  • assistance in obtaining licenses, certificates, and permits;
  • registering a business as a VAT payer;
  • comprehensive business audits for company purchase and/or tax reporting.

Obtaining the Golden Visa in the UAE on your own is quite difficult: at least legal knowledge and proficiency in Arabic and English are required. We will help you get the Golden Emirates ID as quickly as possible at a competitive price, ensuring complete confidentiality.

Who is eligible for the Golden Visa UAE

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The Golden Visa in the UAE is a long-term residency visa that allows not only entrepreneurs but also foreign creative individuals to live, work, or study in the country. Let’s take a closer at the categories of people eligible for the Golden Visa and the requirements for each.

Who can get the Golden Visa

  • Investors.
  • Business owners.
  • Company executives.
  • Outstanding scientists.
  • Rare specialists.
  • Successful university students.
  • Retirees.

Golden Visa requirements

Main requirements for a golden visa, based on the category of nationals

Citizen category



Investing at least 2 million dirhams in real estate, company capital, or a government fund.

There’s an option to invest in both real estate and the country’s economy for a total of 2 million dirhams, with a 40/60 ratio.

Invested funds cannot be borrowed. To confirm this fact, it is necessary to prove the origin of the funds.

Real estate cannot be sold within 3 years.


Establish a company with a capital of at least 500,000 AED or a business type recognized by a local business incubator.


Basic higher education (at least a bachelor’s degree).

At least 5 years of work experience.

An official salary of at least 30,000 dirhams.

Health insurance.


A distinguished career in the scientific field.

At least 10 years of academic experience.

Prestigious international awards or research grants.


Innovation in their field, proven by patented technologies or artworks (for inventors, artists, musicians).

Licensing in the UAE (for doctors, talented experts, software developers, or artificial intelligence developers, etc.

Students and graduates

High academic performance with an average score of at least 3.8 out of 5.


Ownership of property worth at least 1 million dirhams.

Monthly income of at least 20,000 dirhams.

Please note that during the Golden Visa application process, you must remain in the UAE from the moment the application is submitted. Spouses can present the same property as an investment. Additionally, all categories of residents applying for the UAE residency must have health insurance.

Types and categories of UAE visas

A 2-year visa

The minimum requirement for obtaining a 2-year investor visa is the purchase of property worth at least 750,000 dirhams. As long as the property remains owned, the visa can be renewed.

A 5-year visa

This visa is available to retirees who have purchased property worth at least 1 million dirhams and entrepreneurs who have invested at least 500,000 dirhams in company capital.

A 10-year visa

This visa is available to investors, business owners, inventors, scientists, students, and outstanding individuals. We have already discussed how to get a 10-year visa in Dubai for all these categories.

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How to get Golden Visa UAE

Steps for applying for a visa in the United Arab Emirates:

  1. Choosing a program.
  2. Meeting the Dubai Golden Visa requirements.
  3. Document preparation and submission.
  4. Getting medical insurance.
  5. Submitting the application.
  6. Receiving a temporary visa.
  7. Obtaining the Golden Visa in Dubai and other UAE zones.

Description of steps

  • Step 1. For investors, this involves selecting suitable real estate. For entrepreneurs – starting a business and having it evaluated. For outstanding talents – legal consultation and certification by the relevant authorities.
  • Step 2. You cannot apply for the Dubai Golden Visa (UAE) without completing the necessary transactions. For instance, an investor must first purchase real estate, or an entrepreneur must establish a company. Only then can the application process begin with the completed documents.
  • Step 3. All accompanying documents must be legalized (translated into Arabic and English) and notarized. It is better to entrust their preparation to qualified specialists, as any mistake can result in the return of all documents and the need to restart the procedure.
  • Step 4. It is mandatory for UAE residents. It can be obtained after a medical examination at certified local medical centers.
  • Step 5. The completed documents, along with the application, must be submitted to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). You will also need to visit the nearest Amer service center to have your photograph taken and biometric data (fingerprints) collected, which are necessary for getting the Golden Emirates ID.
  • Step 6. While the application is being processed, you can conduct business and handle other matters with a temporary visa. However, you cannot leave the country until the data verification process is complete.
  • Step 7. After all documents have been checked, you will be invited to a service center where a visa will be affixed to your passport, and an identification card will be issued, indicating that you are a UAE resident.
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Cost of obtaining a visa in the UAE

The Golden Visa Dubai price depends on many factors:

  • program you are applying under;
  • duration of the visa;
  • government fees;
  • region of registration;
  • fees of the company assisting you with legal matters.

The estimated price, including only government fees, is around 11,500 AED ($3130). With our company’s services, the cost starts from $4000. Additionally, you should consider expenses for investments and living in the country during the visa application process.


On this page, we have covered what the Golden Visa Dubai and other emirates is, who is eligible for it, the benefits of UAE residency, and the visa application process. The processing time can range from 2 months to 6 months, depending on circumstances, the program under which the request is made, and, of course, the accuracy of the documentation. The experts managing the process must be well-versed in local laws, value clients’ time, and be able to work with available resources to offer the most optimal solutions.

Dynasty Business Adviser has the necessary experience to organize business processes effectively. Some steps, such as document legalization and notarization, can be prepared before the client arrives in the country, where the cost of living involves corresponding expenses. We help prevent potential mistakes so that you can quickly obtain the long-awaited Golden Visa Sharjah or another zone in the UAE. This enables you to secure prestigious employment or conduct full-fledged business from anywhere in the world.

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