User Agreement

This user agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is concluded between an individual and Dynasty Business Adviser, which is a licensed registrar of onshore and offshore companies in the United Arab Emirates and the owner of the Internet resource Dynasty Business Adviser (hereinafter the «site»), offering consulting and registration services. The parties to the agreement are the Administration and the User.


User – is a person who has reached the age of majority, who is able to acquire and independently exercise civil rights and be responsible for non-fulfillment of their civil duties, including for failure to comply with the accepted terms of this Agreement, and using the services of our website.

Administration – is an Dynasty Business Adviser company which owns the site and provides its technical, financial, and organizational support.

Public offer – is a proposal of the Administration to conclude a transaction on the conditions specified in it, addressed to an indefinite circle of persons.

Acceptance – is a full acceptance of the terms of the public offer by one of the addressees (site visitors).

General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement determines the rules for visiting and behaving on the site, using the company’s services and interacting with the Administration.

1.2. The Agreement may be changed by the Administration unilaterally without personal notification of the Users.

1.3. By accepting the terms of the Agreement, the User confirms their consent to the processing of their personal data.

1.4. In case of complete or partial disagreement with the provisions of this Agreement, the visitor must stop using the site.

2. Regulation of the interaction of the parties

2.1. The administration provides for use complete information about the services offered, the procedure for their provision, cost and timing of implementation.

2.2. The Administration provides the User with a range of services for consulting and registering offshore (onshore) companies in the UAE, opening accounts in banks in the Emirates, obtaining visas, a certificate of UAE tax residence and legalization of documents.

2.3. To receive the services specified in clause 2.2 of the Agreement, the User independently transfers his personal data to the Administration.

2.4. The Administration has the right not to respond to the User’s request for the provision of a service if it does not contain a clearly formulated question and a clear description of the situation, or there are words and phrases that are offensive to the Administration or third parties.

2.5. The information posted on the site is a product of the intellectual activity of the Administration, which has all property and non-property rights to it.

2.6. The services provided to users are provided remotely within the framework of the current UAE legislation.

3. Site use procedure

3.1. The User can freely receive any services offered by the Site Administration, except for cases when their use violates the rights, interests and freedoms of other Users or the Administration.

3.2. To receive a free consultation on an issue of interest, the User must fill out and send the application form or contact the Administration at the specified phone number, as well as via online chat or in another convenient way from those specified in the «Contacts» section of the site.

3.3. To receive services, the User accepts the terms of this Agreement, and acts in the future in accordance with the instructions received in the information message sent by the Administration to their e-mail.

4. Responsibility of the parties

4.1. The user must submit to the Administration the documents (copies) necessary for the provision of the ordered service and is fully responsible for their authenticity.

4.2. The administration ensures the confidentiality of the User’s personal data and the provision of the service in full, declared on the website.

5. Dispute settlement procedure

5.1. Disputes arising in the relationship of the User with the Administration, other Users and third parties are resolved in the manner determined by the legislation of the UAE.

5.2. User complaints about the quality of the services provided must be sent to the Administration’s email address [email protected].

5.3. The parties to the Agreement are not responsible for failure to fulfill their obligations due to force majeure situations: fire, earthquake, hurricane, flood, pandemic, decisions of state bodies and other force majeure circumstances.

6. Return of funds

6.1. In case of the purchase of a registration package, but subsequently refuse it before the registration documents are submitted, we will return all monies paid to us, minus the cost of our services. Refunds are not possible after submitting documents for company registration.

The acceptance of the Administration’s public offer under this Agreement occurs at the moment when the site visitor begins to use our Internet resource for informational purposes or to receive services.


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