Money Back

When ordering Dynasty Business Adviser to register an onshore or offshore company in the UAE and then canceling the package of services, we will refund the money client paid minus the amounts for services already rendered, but only if the documents have not yet been submitted for registration. Once the documents have been submitted to the UAE authorities for company registration, a refund will not be possible.

To get a refund, the client must make a written request and send it to Dynasty Business Adviser’s e-mail address: [email protected], specifying the following details:

  • The invoice number issued by us for the payment of services.
  • The name of which the invoice was issued.
  • The name of the company for which the registration service was ordered.
  • The customer’s e-mail address that was used when ordering this service.

It is also impossible to get a refund for Dynasty Business Adviser’s annual service fees, which the client chose as his process agent, if the client decides to change the service provider and refuses our service before the end of the year.


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