Sharjah Media Zone

The Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) free zone is located in the third largest emirate of the UAE – Sharjah. It was opened in 2017 with the aim of providing favorable conditions for foreign investors involved in creating a creative product in the media business and entertainment industry. Sharjah Media Zone, created on the territory of the largest cultural, trade and transport center in the Emirates – Sharjah, is designed to become a world-class media hub with a variety of activities.
Sharjah Media Zone
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What are the benefits of registering a company in Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)

The main advantages of doing business in the SHAMS free economic zone are as follows:

  • sole ownership of the company by a foreign investor without the participation of a UAE resident shareholder;
  • the possibility of obtaining resident visas (up to 6 per company), tax certificate and investor visa without age restrictions;
  • exemption from customs duties;
  • a wide variety of activities, permission for which can be obtained under one license;
  • lack of currency control and restrictions on foreign exchange transactions;
  • free repatriation of capital and profits;
  • the possibility of opening a company and doing business without obtaining a resident visa. In this case, the company can be registered online;
  • no requirements for contribution of authorized capital.

An additional advantage for companies registered in the SHAMS free zone is the proximity to the international airports of Sharjah and Dubai.

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Types of Companies in Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)

The following types of companies can be registered on the territory of Free Zone Sharjah Media City:

  • limited liability companies with no more than 8 shareholders;
  • branches of companies: foreign or local, registered in the country.

Activities that can be registered in the Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)

The cost of opening a company in Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)

The cost of opening a company in Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)



No visa

AED 11,500

1 visa

AED 16,775

2 visas

AED 18,375

3 visas

AED 19,975

4 visas

AED 21,575

5 visas

AED 23,175

6 visas

AED 24,775

Also, when registering a company with or without a resident visa, you can choose 3 types of activities even with types of license. For example, you can combine in one license with the following activities: Management Consultancy, Ecommerce & General Trading.

Additional Immigration Fees:

  • Immigration card is valid for 3 years – AED 1500.
  • Resident visa for investor, valid for 3 years – 3500 AED.
  • E-channel registration fee – AED 2255.

Cost of registering a company with 1 resident visa:

The cost of a license with 1 resident visa is AED 16,775 (includes: business license, lease agreement, registration certificate and company charter)

The immigration card is paid separately and costs AED 1,500.

  • Stage 1
    AED 18,275 (pay and start registration process)
  • Stage 2
    After approval of the immigration card, you must pay for the following:
    • Investor visa fee AED 3,500 valid for 3 years
    • Online portal registration fee – AED 2255

Additional expenses

  • Medical test and Emirates ID are not included in the price
  • The resident visa fee for employees is AED 3,080 and the investor visa fee is AED 3,500 (valid for 3 years).
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Types of licenses in Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)

Companies registered in the SHAMS SEZ must obtain a license to conduct business activities. It provides for the issuance of licenses of the following types:

  • service licenses, allowing to provide a wide range of services related to the creation of a media product and software development, repair of electronics and household appliances, advertising, marketing, market research and other activities;
  • trade licenses providing for the export-import of goods, their storage, wholesale and retail sales in the UAE;
  • production licenses for the manufacture of various goods;
  • licenses for holding activities – it gives the right to own assets, property (real estate), shares of other companies, shares, patents and trademarks.

Documents required for company registration in the Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)

To open a company in the Sharjah Media City Free Zone, you need to submit the following documents for registration along with an application in the prescribed form:

  • copies of passports of all individual founders, directors and managers;
  • a copy of the UAE resident visa, and in its absence, a scan of the passport page with a stamp confirming entry into the country;
  • a copy of the constituent documents (certificate, charter) and a resolution of the board of directors, if the shareholder of the LLC company is a legal entity.

FEZ authorities may require a Certificate of Good Standing from legal entities.

Sharjah Media Zone, image 5

Cost of registering a company in Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)

The cost of opening an LLC company or a branch of an existing company in the Sharjah Media City Free Zone depends on the following factors:

  • license type and its validity period – you can pay for 1, 2 or 3 years;
  • number of resident, investor and work visas;
  • the need to obtain a tax certificate;
  • type of office space (private space, shared space, separate office space or shared office).

Find out the exact cost of registering your company from Dynasty Business Adviser specialists.

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Benefits of cooperation with Dynasty Business Adviser for company registration in Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)

If you have decided to open a company in the Sharjah Media Zone, but do not want to waste your time and effort, contact the specialists of Dynasty Business Adviser. Competitive advantages of our company include:

  • extensive experience in opening companies in the UAE – we work in this country and are a licensed registrar of companies;
  • availability of specialists well versed in the legislation of the Emirates;
  • nice price for services.

We offer a full range of company registration services and will help you quickly open a company in the SHAMS free zone without your presence. You will only have to come here to open a bank account.

Who will you communicate with?
Customer Service
We will discuss your request and issue, find the optimal solution, and pass the project to the appropriate specialist. We will provide information about the company's services and introduce you to leading specialists within the company.
After consultation with the customer service manager, the legal consultant conducts a more in-depth analysis of your request and develops project strategy options and preliminary organization of all processes.
Lead Company
Will coordinate with you the strategy and stages of further work and conditions. Will be responsible for coordinating the work of the legal consultant, ensuring the correct implementation of the strategy, providing individual approach, and ensuring compliance of the team's activities with legal norms.
Manages your project within the company, coordinates team activities, and ensures that project goals are achieved on time. Responsible for planning, executing, and monitoring assigned tasks.
Public Relations
Manager (PRO)
Represents your interests in government agencies, including handling company registration and subsequent processes, obtaining additional permits, and accompanying you during visits to government agencies.
Accounting Department
Will communicate directly with you regarding accounting issues, transactions, and necessary documentation. Ensures the correctness and order of your financial flows functioning.
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