VIP Support in Registering a Company in the UAE

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
13 November 2023
VIP Support in Registering a Company in the UAE

Many foreign entrepreneurs choose to do business in the UAE. However opening a company in this country requires knowledge of the specifics of the registration procedure, the requirements of local legislation, and many other nuances. This cannot be done without the help of consulting companies. Experienced lawyers, economists, and business specialists help foreign investors open a business in Dubai from scratch in the shortest possible time. With their support, you can register a company by visiting the Emirates only at the stage of opening a bank account. In addition, some consulting companies offer VIP support when starting a business. We have developed our own package of such services for VIP clients and would like to tell you what is special about the VIP service.

Who Is Suitable for VIP Support?

VIP support is necessary for foreign businessmen opening a company in the Emirates when they visit the country at the final stage of business registration, when most of the work has already been done and all that remains is to go through procedures that require the direct presence of the company’s owners. Support by specialists from a company providing business consulting services in the UAE will be required for foreign citizens under the following conditions:

  • They do not know English or Arabic, or speak one of them, but at a low level, insufficient for communication in the business sphere.
  • They want to save time on opening a bank account and obtaining a resident visa and Emirates ID.
  • They don’t know how to behave and what to say during an interview at a bank.
  • They are poorly versed in the traditions and laws of the Islamic state.

VIP support will help foreign businessmen successfully complete the registration process, with the support and assistance of an accompanying person.

List of VIP Support Services

VIP support from Dynasty Business Adviser for foreign investors, who start a business in Dubai from scratch includes the following services:

  • Meet at the airport and escort you to the desired addresses in a comfortable car.
  • Assistance in quickly passing the medical test required to obtain residency.
  • Assistance in completing the fingerprinting procedure.
  • Accompaniment to a meeting with a banker to open a corporate and personal account after receiving a resident visa.

The Main Features of VIP Support

VIP support when starting a business in Dubai and other emirates from scratch includes the following:

  • Comfortable service conditions.
  • Thought-out timing, guarantees on timing and quality — all necessary visits are agreed upon and prepared in advance.
  • Expert support throughout your stay in the UAE — you can get help from a qualified lawyer at any time.
  • Minimum effort by the clients to resolve their issues.

Cost of VIP Support When Registering a Company in the UAE

The cost of supporting VIP clients when opening a new company in the Emirates, owned by a foreign investor, may vary among different agencies that provide business consulting services in the UAE. With us, the support option is included in the price of business registration services.

Our article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. If you want to consult on VIP support or company registration, please contact Dynasty Business Adviser specialists!

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Frequently asked questions

What Businesses Are in Demand in the UAE?

Some of the most popular types of business in the Emirates include the following:

  • Activities in the field of high technologies, including IT.
  • Growing crops and food production.
  • Industrial goods production.
  • Foreign and domestic trade, including re-export.
  • Activities in the field of real estate and construction.
  • Transport and logistics, especially sea, road, and air transport.
  • Provision of services — from cleaning, catering, and event companies, to consulting
    services, and car and electronics repair.
  • Education and child care business.
  • Catering business.
  • Activities of travel companies and hotel business.
  • Property trust management.
  • Investment and financial activities.

How to Open a Business in the UAE from Scratch?

To start a business in Dubai and other emirates from scratch, contact our company for a free consultation. We will help you choose the appropriate type of legal entity and place of registration. If you want to do everything quickly, in the shortest possible time, entrust the main work to the specialists of Dynasty Business Adviser. Our company’s office is located in Dubai, and we will be able to quickly respond to all requests from government authorities.

We are a licensed registrar of onshore and offshore companies, and we will do most of the work on business registration without your participation. You will have to come to the Emirates only to open a bank account since the presence of its owner is a mandatory requirement of all banks.

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