Registration of mainland company. Restaurant

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
17 April 2024
Registration of mainland company. Restaurant


Damir, the owner of a restaurant chain in Turkey, approached us with a request for assistance in opening a restaurant in Dubai.

We provided comprehensive support in company formation and office space search, as well as legal assistance.

The opening of this company cost 22 650 $, and the office rent was 102 000 $.

Cost details

  • Company name registration
  • Preliminary company registration
  • Obtaining the necessary licenses
  • Company registration with the immigration service

6 500 $

  • Company charter and government fees

850 $

  • Office rent for the company and obtaining all necessary permit

102 000 $

  • Government fees for processing 5 resident visas for employees (including Medical examination, Emirates ID acquisition, VISA issuance)

7 220 $

  • Government fees for obtaining work quotas

480 $

  • Consulting company fee for assistance in company opening, documentation, visa acquisition, and opening a bank account in the UAE

7 660 $


124 650 $

The company registration process took 6 days (considering that the premises had been found a month earlier).

The issuance of resident visas for employees took 8 days, and the opening of a bank account took about 2 months (the client had a Turkish passport).

Damir’s feedback

Initially, the delay in opening the company was my fault; I took a long time to find a location. It turns out there are many factors in Dubai that affect the cost of rent.

After determining the location, everything was promptly opened and formalized.

Couldn’t have done it myself, there are a lot of legal nuances and additional permissions.

Thanks, team 🤝

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