Registration of a Logistic Company in JAFZA Free Zone with Warehouse

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
17 April 2024
Registration of a Logistic Company in JAFZA Free Zone with Warehouse


Our client Ruslan needed to register a logistics company specializing in maritime transportation, with the additional task of minimizing the tax burden.

We analyzed his business activities and, in line with his goals, opened a company in JAFZA Free Zone in Dubai. We provided comprehensive support in company registration and visa processing for employees.

The opening of this company cost 14 850 $, and the premise rent was 31 000 $.

Cost details

  • Company name registration
  • Preliminary company registration
  • Obtaining a logistic company license
  • Company registration with the immigration service

4 200 $

  • Company charter and administrative fees

750 $

  • Permission from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

330 $

  • Warehouse rental for the company

31 000 $

  • Government fees for obtaining work quotas

480 $

  • Administrative fees for processing 2 resident visas for employees (including Medical examination, Emirates ID acquisition, VISA issuance)

2 890 $

  • Consulting company fee for assistance in company opening, documentation, visa acquisition, and opening a bank account in the UAE

6 200 $


45 850 $

The company registration process took 10 days.

The issuance of resident visas for employees took 6 days, and the opening of a bank account took about 18 days (the client had an Estonian passport).

Ruslan’s feedback

I express my immense gratitude to the professionals at Dynasty for helping in opening the company! Everything was quick, qualitative, and working with you is a pleasure! Also, thank you very much for handling the accounting. I wish your lawyers and accountants tremendous success and good clients like me.

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