New Visas to Saudi Arabia for Religious Purposes

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
22 August 2023
New Visas to Saudi Arabia for Religious Purposes

The tourism community has a new and unique opportunity – the invitations for friends of Saudi Arabia!

Now residents of SA can invite relatives and friends from other countries to make a pilgrimage and not only.

From, a trusted source, we learned that the country’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced the availability of a new type of visa for tourists. With such a permit, a foreign guest can quickly go through Umrah rituals, visit famous places, and see cultural monuments throughout the country.

For the convenience of tourists, there are two options for staying in the country:

For multiple entries for a maximum of 90 days.

One time – for a year. 
But the most exciting thing is that one citizen of the country has the right to invite several friends simultaneously!

To apply for this visa, guests must complete an online application, pay fees and insurance. Then they need to contact the consulate or SA embassy. For the convenience of the application procedure, a particular visa platform from the SA Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been created.

The SA tourism market is overgrowing, with about 94 million tourists visiting last year. The country is actively working to simplify entry for foreigners, including UAE residents and citizens of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia. An electronic visa has been created for them with the possibility of multiple visits for 90 days.

These innovations make Saudi Arabia an even more attractive tourist destination. Now you also have a unique opportunity to go to Umrah with close friends and share this special ritual with them!

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