Online notary services in the UAE and their effectiveness

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
8 May 2024
Online notary services in the UAE and their effectiveness

How to certify documents online in the UAE?

An increasing number of countries, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), offer online services for attesting documents, making the process easier for foreign citizens and residents. This is especially relevant now, when notaries services are in demand in various areas, and the UAE is ranked among the best countries for doing business and attracting investment.

You need a notary public when starting companies and concluding transactions. Certificates, licenses, registers’ extracts, and other legal documents must be notarized. Citizens getting married, transferring property to heirs, buying and selling real estate, or other valuable assets cannot do without the services of a notary. Also, the necessity of notarizing or legalizing documents arises for any immigrant who decides to set up a business in the UAE or get a job.
How to use online services and how efficient and safe they are, let’s look at it step by step in this article.

Online notary services in Dubai

Online notary services in Dubai

At the current time, the Dubai Courts service can be used to notarize documents in Dubai. It aims to provide online notary services Dubai for legal entities and individuals. However, the client needs help using it on their own – only users with relevant education and credentials can access the site. They can correctly execute documents and assist in such matters:

  • drafting of documents by the requirements of the law;
  • translation of the document into Arabic or English;
  • checking and editing of the document;
  • professional assistance in notarization of documents in Dubai;
  • obtaining a certified digital certificate.

Online attestation of documents

The procedure of online notary attestation in Dubai involves a notary confirming documents, the authenticity of seals, and signatures on them using modern digital technologies: internet, web services, and video conferences. This enables clients to receive notary services quickly while saving money. After all, there is no need for travel and trips: it is possible to attest documents online, being physically located anywhere in the world. To prevent fraud, participants are thoroughly vetted.

Registration and authorization of a power of attorney

In some instances, legal entities or individuals cannot be involved in a transaction, go to the bank to open an account, or make crucial decisions due to a lack of experience and qualifications. The solution to such a problem is simple: entrust the required actions to an authorized person using a power of attorney. There are two types of power of attorney: general and personal. A general power of attorney gives practically unlimited powers to dispose of the principal’s property. In contrast, an individual power of attorney is valid only within the framework of a particular transaction.

Preparation and amendment of corporate documents

All types of documents, starting from incorporation documents, may be required when entering into transactions or executing powers of attorney. These include articles of incorporation, policies and procedures, contracts and agreements, financial statements, and documents reflecting the hierarchy of the company and the structure of its divisions. After making any amendments to these documents, changes in the type of the company’s activity, the size of the authorized capital, the names of the founders, the name of the company, etc., it is essential to confirm their authenticity. – confirmation of their authenticity and authenticity is required.

Processing and probate of a will online

A will is a document in which information is entered about the disposition of movable and immovable property in the event of its owner’s death. These documents do not admit errors. They must be drawn up in the presence of notaries to be legally valid. However, using an online platform makes the probate process simple, efficient, and convenient. It is enough to upload the documents and wait for a specialist’s consultation.

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Peculiarities of documents attestation in the UAE

Documents should be prepared in Arabic or English. If they are issued in another country and have no translation, a legalization procedure may be required, which can be completed on our Dynasty Business Adviser website. Considering this necessity, the online document authorization process may include these steps:

  • Assistance in drafting documents or checking them for compliance with legal requirements.
  • Translation of the copy into English or Arabic.
  • Notarization of the translated copy.
  • Attestation at the Ministry of Justice (for some countries).
  • Attestation at the Consular Department.
  • Attestation at the UAE Embassy.
  • Legalization with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE (MOFA).

How safe is it to use notary service Dubai online?

It is safe to use notary services online POA Dubai because notaries comply with regulations to protect personal data. This is done using site encryption, which can be seen against the address bar by clicking the icon to view site information. The marking of a secure connection indicates that third parties cannot read personal data. Of course, there is always a risk of data interception. Still, to prevent it, the customer must also protect personal computers and communication channels.

Public or private notary

A private notary Dubai — is a specialist with a law degree who works under license in private notary offices within a certain qualification. Among the range of services he provided may be the notary attestation Dubai of documents, the list of which is provided separately.

A public notary — is a specialist who holds a public position in the Court or the Ministry of Justice. He has more powers than a private notary: he can prepare and sign any documents, check the authenticity of signatures and seals, prepare the text of oaths, ensure the transparency of the judicial process, and keep careful records of all transactions.

Nevertheless, the private notary services Dubai are in high demand due to the possibility of individual approaches, consultations, and assistance in drafting documents. The only disadvantage is that the practice of private notary is currently allowed only in one emirate, Dubai. However, documents certified in this emirate with a notary seal are legitimate in other emirates, such as Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi. This may be of interest to many clients, especially as the service is provided online.

If you decide to still apply to a public notary Dubai, it is better to prepare for the procedure properly so as not to delay the process of drawing up documents:

  • It is advisable to find a lawyer well versed in UAE laws to check that the documentation is correct and that the terminology is used accurately. For example, in the UAE, it is forbidden to use the word shareholders to mean stockholders; instead, it is better to use the word partners.
  • Foreign origin documents must be verified by a Dubai notary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the relevant country. Then, representatives of the UAE embassy must sign them.
  • Next, when the foreign documents are transferred to the UAE, they must be certified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Only after that can a legal translation be started.
  • Before the prepared documents are certified by a public notary, it is advisable to undergo a “pre-inspection” procedure so that any inaccuracies can be corrected before the parties sign them.
  • Remember to prepare copies of all documents attached to the transaction.

What documents can be certified online by a notary in the UAE?

Powers of Attorney in UAE

The following types of documents can be notarized online:

  • Powers of attorney (general and personal).
  • Corporate documents for business.
  • Wills.

Below is a list of documents that Dynasty Business Adviser specialists help to attest remotely.

List of documents for legal entities

The individual corporate document list for legal entities includes:

  • Drawing up the charter of a new company.
  • Introduction of amendments to the company’s constituent documents.
  • Notarization of the sale/purchase of the company.
  • Incorporation of additional founders of the company.
  • Notarization of resolutions of the founders of the company.
  • Introduction of special amendments to the company’s charter.

List of documents for individuals

  • General or Real Estate Power of Attorney – gives the right to dispose of movable and immovable property.
  • Personal power of attorney is executed for individual tasks, health care issues, guardianship over a child or elderly relative, and the possibility of using the property without the right to buy/sell.
  • Will.

What is the online notarization procedure?

The procedure for notarizing an online power of attorney Dubai or other documents is simple:

  • Leave an application on the website, selecting the type of document you are interested in.
  • Add copies to it and make payment in one of the proposed ways.
  • Wait for a call from our manager, who will guide you through the rest of the procedure. The last one includes a mandatory online conference with the notary in Dubai, during which you will need to demonstrate your original documents.

How much does notarization services online cost?

The following information is provided for guidance and is indicative, as the cost of online document processing in the UAE can range depending on government fees and other factors:

  • need for legalization of the documents;
  • the original language of the document;
  • whether the document is an Emirates ID or a passport from another country;
  • how many people are involved in the transaction, or are they proxies, etc.
Type of documentCostProcessing time
General power of attorneyfrom 1600 AED*from one working day
Personal power of attorneyfrom 1900 AED*from one working day
Willfrom 1900 AED*from one working day
Business documentationfrom 2100 AED*from one working day

Advantages of online notarization of documents

By addressing the specialists of our company, you get the following advantages:

  • Qualified services and high service.
  • Reliability and security of the online transaction.
  • High-quality online consultation of a notary POA Dubai.
  • Confidence that the relevant authorities will accept the documents.
  • There is no need to travel and independently go through the complicated stages of document certification and legalization.
  • Saving your time and money.

We are distinguished by our experience dealing with UAE government authorities and our expertise in international law and tax planning. Therefore, we confidently guarantee you the support of a strong and efficient team!

Frequently asked questions

What is notarization?

Notarization is having a notary public certify the authenticity of a document, signature, and seal. It provides legal validity to the document and gives the requesting parties confidence in its authenticity.

What is document legalization?

Document legalization is the process of authenticating documents issued in another country. Legalization is usually required for official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, etc.

How to notarize documents in Dubai?

Notaries public in the UAE are in charge of notarizing documents. However, you can contact a private notary in Dubai if you use online services. Documents attested by them are legitimate in all emirates.

Where can you find an excellent online notary in the UAE?

You can use online resources such as official notary websites to search for a good notary in the UAE. It is essential to consider the notary’s specialization, experience, reputation, and customer reviews.

Can a notarized power of attorney be made in the UAE?

Absolutely. You can do it either by going to a notary office Dubai or online, choosing a service you trust.

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