Notarization of Documents in Dubai Online

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
7 May 2024
Notarization of Documents in Dubai Online

Dubai is a thriving metropolis, offering favorable conditions for commerce. Hence notarial services for document certification are highly sought after here. In 2022 alone, real estate transactions amounted to 500 billion AED.

Notaries are legal professionals with state licenses who verify the authenticity and legitimacy of powers of attorney, commercial contracts, certificates, licenses, company articles of association, and other legal documents. They contribute to business development by doing so.

Private individuals also require the remote services of notaries for drafting contracts for the sale/purchase of real estate, wills, legalization of foreign documents, powers of attorney for individuals, and so on.

Features of Notaries’ Work in Dubai

Features of Notaries' Work in Dubai

In Dubai, there are two types of notarial practices: private and governmental. To notarize documents online, one can seek services from either a private or a governmental notary. However, their authorities differ slightly in other legal aspects.

Private Notary Services in Dubai

Private notaries hold licenses authorizing them to practice within the scope of their professional expertise. These are qualified professionals with legal backgrounds who do not hold government positions but engage in private practice and handle specific requests:

  • They offer legal consultations regarding document preparation.
  • They ensure the legality and authenticity of legal documents.
  • They provide other legal services commensurate with their qualifications, such as document legalization, trademark registration, and obtaining electronic certificates.

Private notaries can deliver high-quality service and are known for their individualized approach to clients.

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Public Notary in Dubai

The government selects government-appointed notaries, hold official government positions, and work in courts or the Ministry of Justice, wielding a wide range of powers.

Their duties include:

  • Drafting contracts and signing agreements.
  • Authenticating seals and signatures.
  • Administering oaths and certifying the authenticity of sworn statements.
  • Certifying the execution of legal documents and facilitating judicial enforcement.
  • Maintaining meticulous records of all transactions and associated documentation.

Government notaries must adhere to norms and procedures to ensure the integrity and reliability of transactions or legal proceedings.

How to Notarize Documents Online in Dubai

How to Notarize Documents Online in Dubai

The notarization process with a notary in Dubai became available online after March 29, 2020. This was due to the national sterilization program aimed at combating COVID-19, during which offices temporarily ceased operations.

Since then, clients have been able to access notary services without leaving their homes. This is particularly important for a global city like Dubai, where business owners and individuals require quick access to notarized documents. However, clients have many questions regarding the details of the procedure and its safety. Let’s address them systematically.

Power of Attorney (POA) System

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that grants authority to one or more individuals or entities (attorneys-in-fact) to act on behalf of the person issuing the POA (the grantor). This can be useful when the owner is physically located in another country, has limited capacity, or decides to delegate authority to more qualified professionals (such as financial advisors and lawyers) for more effective company management.

The attorney-in-fact (agent) can be anyone of legal age: a trusted friend, relative, business partner, company employee (director), or a specialized professional (lawyer, accountant).

Keep in mind that the grantor is responsible for the actions taken by the agent if the attorney-in-fact acts within the specified authority. Therefore, it is advisable to draft the power of attorney in a way that allows it to be revoked if necessary through legal notice or by announcement in a local newspaper. Additionally, if you plan to delegate authority for a period of absence from the country, you can specify the duration of the power of attorney.

Types of Documents That Can Be Notarized Online

Documents that legal entities can certify include:

  • General Power of Attorney or Power of Attorney for real estate.
  • An extraordinary Power of Attorney (SPOA) is issued for a specific operation (such as signing a contract, making a transaction, or opening a bank account).
  • Individual corporate documents for businesses:
  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • Company bylaws.
  • Purchase/sale agreement of the company.

Documents that individuals can certify include::

  • Extraordinary Power of Attorney from an individual (SPOA) includes documents such as power of attorney for real estate or a vehicle.
  • Last will.

Specifics of Document Notarization in Dubai

Power of Attorney and other documents must be prepared in Arabic or English. The list of required documents is usually specified when ordering the service. For example, to notarize a power of attorney online for legal entities, the following documents are required:

  • Passport or Emirates ID (for UAE residents) of the grantor and attorney.
  • License/registration certificate of the company.
  • Company bylaws/board resolution.
  • Share ownership certificate or authorization certificate.

If any of the documents are in other languages, they must undergo a legalization process.

Safety of Online Documents Notarization

Notarizing documents online uses a reliable and secure electronic service. After the client submits copies and scans of the documents, the notary schedules an online conference. During this conference, authentic documents must be presented on camera to confirm the client’s identity.

The notarized documents are delivered to you through postal services. Considering the risk of fraudsters intercepting documents, you should secure your mail with a reliable password. The security of the transaction also depends mainly on the reliability of the company you are dealing with.

Where to Find Quality Notarial Service in Dubai

There are numerous exciting offers for notarial services in the UAE market. How do you choose the best among them? At the very least, you can explore the options, see how companies position themselves, what services they provide, whether they are licensed, and have positive reviews. For example, Dynasty Business Adviser is a licensed agent of companies operating in and beyond the UAE. Our team consists of qualified specialists in international law and tax planning.

Having operated in the market since 2015, we have analyzed similar services provided by other companies and introduced several innovations:

  • We provide customer support at any time of day.
  • We work with people from anywhere in the world.
  • We constantly expand and add new services.
  • We help open companies with complex structures.
  • We maintain communication with government agencies.

We aim to build strong trust-based relationships with our clients, accompanying them at every stage of cooperation. And because our company’s physical office is in the UAE, we can optimize prices, making them pleasant for the customer.

Below is a brief list of our services related to authenticating documents.

Online Notary Services in Dubai

Power of Attorney (POA) System

Online Document Notarization

You can get all documents notarized online with us, whether you’re a legal entity or an individual: general and personal powers of attorney, corporate records, and wills. Typically, we process documents within one working day. In exceptional cases, it may take up to three days.

Drafting and Notarizing Powers of Attorney

We prepare two types of powers of attorney for legal entities and individuals: general and personal. A general power of attorney allows for almost any transaction involving movable and immovable property on behalf of the grantor. An individual power of attorney allows the grantor to delegate one or more specific transactions to the attorney.

Drafting and Amending Corporate Documents

Our services for drafting and amending individual corporate documents may include drafting company articles of incorporation and making changes to such documents; notarizing the sale/purchase of a company; adding additional founders to company documents; notarizing decisions by company founders, making notable changes to the company’s articles of incorporation (such as changing the name, type of activity, etc.).

Online Will Drafting and Notarization

When providing will drafting and notarization services, we consider all legislative requirements, provide professional translation into Arabic or English, and edit the document if necessary. We also assist with paying government fees and accompany the client in the electronic notarization process, organizing an online meeting when needed.

Collaboration Procedure with a Notary Online

The procedure for online document notarization with a notary is simple if you place an order through our website. It involves the following steps:

  1. Select the document you need to notarize and click the “Order” button.
  2. In the form that appears, provide the required information and upload all documents on the checklist.
  3. Choose a convenient payment method and confirm your desire to receive the service by making the payment.
  4. Expect a call shortly. Our consultant will schedule a convenient video call, during which you must provide the original documents.

What may be included in our additional services:

  1. Drafting of document text in Arabic or English.
  2. Legalized translation if required.
  3. Online notarization of document copies.
  4. Document authentication at the Ministry of Justice.
  5. Document legalization at the embassy/consulate for legal entities: licenses, contracts, certificates, etc.
  6. Legalization of foreign documents for individuals: birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

Cost of Online Notary Services in Dubai

The prices for online notary services depend on several factors, such as the type of identity document, the number of attorneys, the need for document legalization, and the translation languages.

DocumentPriceProcessing Time
General Power of Attorney or Real Estatefrom 1600 AED*1 to 3 business days
Personal Special Power of Attorneyfrom 1900 AED*1 to 3 business days
Business Documentsfrom 2100 AED*1 to 3 business days
Willfrom 1900 AED*1 to 3 business days
* This information is approximate and may vary depending on government fees.

Advantages of Online Document Notarization

Here are the advantages of online document processing in Dubai:

  1. Convenience. Processing a power of attorney online eliminates the need to visit a notary office, saving time and effort and allowing remote access from anywhere.
  2. Speed. Online document processing typically happens faster than in-person visits.
  3. Security. Collaborating with our company ensures a high level of security. Your documents will be protected from forgery and unauthorized access.

The information provided above is informational and cannot replace a full legal consultation. To obtain this service, contact the specialists at Dynasty Business Adviser. You can also communicate using the online chat, phones, or messengers listed on the website.

Frequently asked questions

How do you notarize a document in Dubai?

To authenticate documents, you can visit a notary service in person or use our online services on our website.

How do you make a power of attorney in Dubai?

You need to prepare a power of attorney in Arabic or English and provide it to a notary in Dubai, along with copies of documents confirming the identity and authority of the principal and agent.

How much does making an online power of attorney in Dubai cost to make an online power of attorney?

The cost of preparing a power of attorney is in our price list above.

Who can notarize a document online?

A power of attorney drafted in Arabic or English must be signed. First, the principal signs, then the notary.

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