Fujairah free zone license: types and cost

After registering a company in one of the free zones of the UAE, it is also necessary to obtain a license for the required type of activity. The same rule applies to the emirate of Fujairah - license is issued for a specified period and, in the absence of violations, can be easily renewed. The issuance and renewal of licenses is handled by the administration of the free zone.

For obtaining Fujairah free zone license, the applicant must fulfill the following conditions:

  • have a valid company registration in one of the free zones;
  • have a valid lease agreement on real estate or virtual office;
  • not conflict with any aspect of free zone rules and any other laws and rules of the emirate, as well as aspects of the federal laws of the UAE.

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Types of licenses that can be obtained in Fujairah free zones

The types of licenses available depend on the free zone you choose. In some of them, only one license is available, and some offer an extensive list. Fujairah free zone license cost also depends on the free zone chosen.

The full list of licenses available in Fujairah contains:

  • Service license – this type of license is issued in all three free zones and is the only available in Fujairah Creative City zone. This license provides company with the right to provide any services specified in it. This may be management, marketing, media services and other types of activities allowed by free zone administration. Fujairah Creative City license cost is AED 13 500.
  • Industry license - this type of license is chosen by companies which activities are related to production: factories that manufacture some kind of product. If you register your industrial enterprise in the free zone and get the appropriate license, you will be able to export your products internationally after paying customs duties. This type of license is available in Fujairah Free Zone and IFZA.
Fujairah License types, foto 2
  • Fujairah trade license - you will need this type of license if you intend to trade. If you want to trade only a specific group of goods, you can apply for a trade license with specifying this group. Fujairah trade license fees in this case will be much lower than for General trade license, but you will not be able to trade other groups of goods. General trade license allows to trade any permitted goods. Trade licenses are also available both in IFZA and in FFZ.
  • Consultancy license - obtaining such a license is mandatory for all companies working in the field of professional consulting. This type of license can be obtained by companies registered in IFZA.
  • Holding license – this license is also available only in IFZA. It allows creating holding companies in the territory of this free zone.
Fujairah License types, foto 3

24 hours on company registration in Umm El Quwain Free Zone

Fujairah free zone renewal and cancellation

After obtaining the necessary license in any free zone, it will be valid for 1 year. Fujairah free zone icense renewal is mandatory after this period.

This can be done in advance, or within 30 days after the expiration of the previous license. The penalty for each expired day of the license is different for each free zone. After 30 days the license will be canceled without the right to restoration.

Fujairah municipality trade license and other types of license are valid only in the territory of the free zone where it was issued. The company will not be able to operate legally using these licenses outside the zone. Also the company can carry out activities only specified in the license. It is strictly forbidden to conduct any other activity and cancellation of license is provided for violations.

A company may change its type of business to another. However, until the administration of the zone approves a new type of activity and issues a new license, it is forbidden to conduct new activity.