International Free Zone authority IFZA is Located in Dubai and part of Dubai Silicon Oasis. It is a new business hub for startups of various sectors of the economy.

The advantage of IFZA is attractive company setup packages and prime location in Dubai.

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International Free Zone Authority FORMATION: FEATURES

Thanks to the amazing fusion of traditional values and modern technology, IFZA offers high quality services comparable to the most developed countries in the world. Today, hundreds of international companies and local firms of various industries, are registered on the territory of this emirate.

A foreign investor can register here a company of the following types:

  • Free Zone Establishment — this type of company is suitable if there is only one individual owner.
  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company — it should be selected if there are 2 or more owners. Owners may be both individuals and legal entities;
  • Local Branch — a branch of a previously registered local company;
  • Foreign Branch — also a branch, but of a company that was registered outside the country.

IFZA companies of such types can by 100% owned by foreign citizens without participation of local partner.

The recommended minimum authorized capital is different for each zone and can reach up to 150,000 dirhams.

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The authorized capital can only be declared by the documents of the company without a requirement for mandatory payment. Due to such simplified requirements for authorized capital, Fujairah companies list is annually replenished with hundreds of companies.

The type of available licenses also depends on the free zone you select.

All licenses are issued for one year with the right to renew.

The shareholder of the company can be both an individual and a legal entity, a resident of any jurisdiction. The director of the company can be an individual with residence in any jurisdiction.

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24 hours on company registration in Fujairah Free Zone

Activities that can be registered in Fujairah


Business Activities

Company formation in Fujairah


Commercial (Trading) License & Professional (Service & Consultancy) License

Zero Visa License 12,500 AED
1 Visa License 15,200 AED
2 Visa License 18,600 AED
3 Visa License 20,300 AED
4 Visa License 22,000 AED
5 Visa License 23,700 AED
6 Visa License 25,400 AED

Required Documents:

  • Passport Copy (during incorporation, bring the originals)
  • 2 Photos
  • NOC (None Objection Certificate) incase of holding UAE residency Visa
  • Filled Application Form.
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International Free Zone Authority

The advantages of opening a company in IFZA

IFZA company formation ensures the investor with many advantages for business development. Firstly, it is an excellent infrastructure with a wide selection of premises and production facilities:

  • Trade offices — commercial premises that can be rented for all necessary trading operations with different goods. IFZA provides full assistance to the investor in the selection and rental of premises.

  • Warehouses — units of various sizes that can be leased for storage of various goods, as well as for general trade. After IFZA company registration investors can use facilities of their warehouse to become a large distribution center of any permitted goods in the region.

  • Production capacities — investors can rent construction and production equipment adapted to their requirements, with an open area for production purposes. They can also use the services of contracting companies in Fujairah.

  • Business Hub — hub with the huge area that meets all the needs of investors. It contains conference rooms and furnished trading offices, in addition offering a restaurant where investors can relax and make a business deal in a favorable atmosphere.

IFZA company setup allows entrepreneurs to use the port to its full potential and benefit from the geographical location of the Emirate at the crossroads of trade routes.


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The advantages of opening a company in International Free Zone Authority

Prime location in Dubai, quick registration process and attractive business setup packages. An excellent infrastructure with a wide selection of premises and production facilities, such as: Trade offices, Warehouses, Production capacities, Business Hub. Dynasty Business Adviser as your business consultant will help you to select a suitable type of IFZA license for your business and open corporate bank account in UAE.
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Do I need to visit UAE to register a company in IFZA?

You do not need to visit UAE to open a company in IFZA, but if you want to apply for a visa eligible company, you need to have previous UAE entry stamps.
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Where can I carry out my business?

You can carry out your business in IFZA and worldwide. You can have customers from any Emirate.
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How many visas can I get in my company?

Depending on the chosen license, you can have 2-3 visas in IFZA. All about IFZA visa cost and IFZA company registration on site Dynasty Business Adviser. Our experts will help to business setup in IFZA.
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Can I have an office in Dubai?

Yes, IFZA is located in Dubai and you can have an official office space , virtual office services, and even rent a small space there.
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What type of company can I register in IFZA?

A foreign investor can provide a company registration in UAE Free Zone like IFZA of the following types: Free Zone Establishment - for one individual owner. Free Zone Limited Liability Company - for 2 or more owners (both individuals and legal entities). Local Branch - a branch of a previously registered local company. Foreign Branch - for company that was registered outside the country.
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What is included into your service?

Our setup package includes company registration, establishment (immigration) card processing and owner’s visa processing including support with Medical checkup and Emirates ID application.
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Can I open bank account in UAE?

Yes, of course. You will be able to open company account in UAE after you receive the license. You can also open a resident’s bank account after you get your resident visa in IFZA.
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Is audit required at the time of company renewal?

No, it is not required.
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How long does registration take?

It usually takes 1-2 business days.