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Why the UAE is the best country for business?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries in the world with liberal policy towards foreign investors, and also is a global economic centre which attracts entrepreneurs from other countries. Starting a business in the UAE is not only prestigious but also profitable. Business in the Emirates has a number of indisputable advantages:

  • beneficial geographical location of the country;
  • rapid economic development;
  • well-developed infrastructure;
  • attractive taxation;
  • stable economy and national currency, which is also a well convertible;
  • zero bureaucracy;
  • unsophisticated legal framework.

Business registration in the Emirates is undoubtedly the best option, and our team at Dynasty Business Adviser is ready to help you with it!

Company registration in UAE: 5 simple steps



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How to open business in the UAE?

Registration of a business in the UAE is challenging and demanding task, as the UAE consist of seven emirates, each with its own special regulations and rules for company opening procedure. Moreover, there are free economic zones in the country that have their own special requirements. That is why it is crucial to carefully pick a location for your business.

You should definitely consider the scope and direction of your business, legal form, infrastructure requirements as well as development potential. Correct choice of location and company type will help to achieve steady growth of your business, so you better trust this to professionals of Dynasty Business Adviser. Our team provides a comprehensive consultancy and will help to find the best solution according to the client’s needs.


Business in the UAE: company types and their features

There are several types of companies that a non-resident citizen can register in the UAE.

Local company (LLC)

Company of this type is registered outside of free economic zones, in the mainland of the country. To set up an LLC, a sponsor with UAE citizenship is required who will hold 51% of its shares. The minimum charter capital is 1 AED.

Registering a local company is relevant, if you plan to:

  • handle free trade in the UAE;
  • participate in the governmental tenders;
  • provide services in different emirates;
  • open shops in any part of the Emirate.

Such company can carry out any activity within the country. As to the legal address, an office or a shop must me located in the emirate of company registration.

The advantage of such an UAE business is a possibility to obtain residence visa, as well as tax certificate which exempts from taxes in the second country of residence (in case double taxation agreement is implemented).

Registration of local companies in the OAU

Free zone company (FZE)

UAE free zones are aimed at attracting foreign investors, thus stimulating growth of investments and creating favourable business conditions.

A company located in a free economic zone has a number of advantages:

  • registration of a business in the UAE with 100% of foreign capital;
  • possibility to work inside and outside of the country;
  • residence visa;
  • office in the registry zone or in any business center;
  • tax certificate and others.

Registration of a free zone companies

Registration an offshore in the UAE in 1 day

UAE offshore company

Business in the UAE is most commonly registered by opening an offshore company. This method is popular owing to its relatively low costs. Offshore companies best fit for international trade and deals. Offshore companies have the following features:

  • 100% foreign capital;
  • does not grant a residence visa;
  • no tax certificate;
  • no requirements to minimal charter capital;
  • no real office in the UAE is allowed.

Please note that a company of such type can conduct activities only outside of the UAE.

Choosing a correct type of company to open a business in the Emirates will consume a lot of your time, energy and money. That is why it would be a right choice to seek for advice from specialists of Dynasty Business Adviser who are familiar with all the peculiarities and will help to find the best solution particularly for your business.

Licensing in the UAE

In order to start your business in Dubai and other emirates, you need to obtain a license. There are three types of licenses in the UAE which are issued regardless of the company type:

Commercial license

provided for all kinds of trading

Industrial license

for industrial and other manufacturing companies

Service license

for various services and activities

To obtain a license you need to submit a package of documents. Our professional team provides prompt support in obtaining a license of any type. We guarantee confidentiality, promptness and positive results. Moreover, we can help you to open a bank account and get a residence visa allowing to stay in the UAE for 3 years. Our specialists will provide further information. You may contact as via the phone numbers, by filling an online application, requesting a call back, or by using Skype, Viber and WhatsApp.

Dynasty Business Adviser team will make UAE business registration process simple, fast and inexpensive!

Choose the best company type in the UAE

Types of companies, differences, pros and cons of registering company in UAE

Share capital
Operation possibility
Resident visas availability
Tax Sertificate
Share capital
Audit requirement
Bank Account
Local company (LLC)
LLC - 49% foreign investor, 51 local sponsor (nominal)
All legal activities
All around UAE and outside UAE, direct access on local market including government bodies
Many visas available, depends from office size and license activity
Available personal and corporate
Not required
Not required
In any banks of UAE
Free zone company
100% foreign investor
Depends from Free Zone Authority
Outside and inside UAE, inside UAE throw local distributors.
Visas available depends from Free Zone quota and office size
Available personal and corporate
It depends from free zone and activity
Depends from free zone
Depends from the bank, nationality of Investor
Offshore company
100% foreign investor
All activities, accept banking and insurance
Only outside UAE
Resident visas available
Not available
Share capital 10000 AED no need to proof
Not required
In some Banks, best of UAE

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