Ajman Free Zone

Features of registration a company in Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone appeared in 1988 and 8 years after that it gained autonomous status according to the decree of the ruler of this emirate. As soon as the authority of this free zone got the opportunity to independently regulate its activities, the investment climate in the region improved, and foreign entrepreneurs came to the market.

Ajman is one of the most dynamically developing UAE Emirates. In recent years, the number of companies in the Ajman Free Zone quadrupled. For a long time, the territory of this free zone has been expanded and built up, new infrastructure facilities have been added and today it is able to fit tens of thousands of international companies. The free zone began to act at full capacity quite recently, and today Ajman Free Zone business setup is a perfect choice for registration of a company with 100% foreign capital in the UAE.

This free zone is best suited for industrial activities as well as international trade. Ajman Free Zone company formation is most often chosen by small and medium enterprises because the best conditions for them are created here.

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Ajman Free Zone infrastructure

Ajman emirate has a new working infrastructure for residents, tourists and investors. Ajman Free Zone authority made comfortable conditions to ensure the growth and progress of the country's economy in all sectors of the industry. Also, excellent transport accessibility with the rest of the emirates is established in Ajman, making it easy to get here from anywhere in the UAE.

A well-equipped port that can work with all types of ships and cargoes from all over the world is one of the key factors in the rapid development of Ajman free zone. It has 8 marinas that can handle any type of cargo, including containers. The port provides storage facilities for incoming goods, which are chemicals, feed, waste paper, clothing, equipment, etc., as well as an open storage. To facilitate repair and maintenance of vessels it is equipped with two dry docks. Port Authority has provided modern equipment for convenient operation of its clients.

Ajman Free Zone Dubai has an ideal location for sending goods manufactured in the emirate to regional markets. By providing inexpensive energy and absence of bureaucracy, this free zone provides investors with all the necessary conditions for successful trading.

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Benefits of Ajman Free Zone business setup

This free zone is absolutely not accidentally chosen for business by so many foreign entrepreneurs. Ajman Free Zone company setup has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. A foreigner can own a full package of shares of his company without finding a local partner.
  2. There is no public register of shareholders and directors, which ensures a high level of data confidentiality, including for owners of offshore companies.
  3. Inexpensive Ajman Free zone visa cost for investors.
  4. Relatively low cost of the registration procedure.
  5. Convenient geographical location of the free zone, its proximity to Dubai and Sharjah.
  6. New convenient for work infrastructure.
  7. No income taxes.

For setup company in Ajman Free Zone, you can choose from the following its types:

  1. Free Zone Entity (a company with 1 founder);
  2. Free Zone Company (a company with from 2 to 5 founders);
  3. Branch of a Foreign Company or Branch of a Local Company (a branch of a company established outside the UAE or registered in the UAE, respectively).
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24 hours to register a company in Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone license types

A free zone company requires a license to operate in the territory of free zone. Each license permits the specific type of activity.

Ajman Free Zone license is valid only for commercial operations within this free zone and cannot be used for organizing business in other emirates. However, these licenses can be used to sell goods to other emirates through distributors. Such companies also have the right to work in foreign markets.

To obtain a license in this free zone, you must rent an office. Together with the license you will automatically receive the certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the lease agreement.

Ajman Free Zone UAE makes all possible efforts to remove unnecessary bureaucratic procedures, therefore it offers the following types of licenses:

  • License for trading activity;
  • License for industrial activity;
  • National Industrial License;
  • License for providing services;
  • E-Commerce License.

Ajman Free Zone license cost depends on the type of chosen commercial activity. Its cost per year is from $818 to $1910.

How to make Ajman Free Zone company formation as quick and profitable as possible

Ajman Free Zone is undoubtedly worthy of the attention of entrepreneurs. Experts of Dynasty Business Adviser say that today it is one of the best, safest, and most comfortable for the work of the free zones of the United Arab Emirates.

Therefore, if you are interested in how to open a company in Ajman Free Zone, you should contact exactly this consulting agency. You will get detailed advice on all issues, determine the type of your company and learn more about the advantages of doing business in the UAE, doing international business in UAE free zones and business immigration to this country.

The main advantages of working with professionals from Dynasty Business Adviser:

  1. Low Ajman Free Zone company setup cost. Prices for setting up a trading company including trading license and smart office began from $9,000, prices for setting up a professional company with a professional license and smart office – from $10,000.
  2. Extremely fast and convenient registration procedure. The process of registering a company in Ajman Free Zone will take you only one day and you can start working.
  3. Low Ajman Free Zone investor visa cost. Spending just 3200 AED, you will get a resident visa valid 3 years in 7-10 days.
  4. No hidden fees and charges. All official payments you pay directly to the Free Zone accountant.
  5. Full support during the opening of the company. You will be met at the airport, taken to Ajman and guided through all stages of registration, including receiving documents, stamps, licenses, etc.