Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
5 December 2020

Obtaining a travel visa to enter the United Arab Emirates is usually not difficult at all. Almost fifty countries have signed an agreement with the UAE that a 30-day visa is issued to their citizens right at the airport in just 10 minutes.

But if we are talking about employment, doing business or permanent residence, then a 30-day visa is not enough. Fujairah immigration will be an excellent choice for those who want to live in a quiet emirate with great conditions for living:

  • developed infrastructure;
  • amazing business opportunities;
  • lack of crime and corruption;
  • huge selection of properties for rent or purchase and other advantages.

Having received Fujairah free zone visa, you can also apply for visas for your dependent persons. The visa for dependent persons can be issued exclusively for the near relatives, in order to receive it a certain set of accompanying documentation is required.

Fujairah visa for a spouse, child, parents or other related persons requires the submission of documents that confirm kinship. Also certificates of the availability of the necessary funds for the maintenance of relatives in the UAE and documents confirming the availability of housing (this may be a lease or a certificate of ownership) are required . All of these documents must be legalized.


There are several ways to obtain a visa, but the easiest and most profitable is through the registration of a company in the UAE. Fujairah has several free zones – these are special territories where you can register a company on favorable conditions. Moreover, each free zone has its own laws and rules for companies, so the rules and Fujairah free zone visa cost will depend on the specific free zone.

The only requirement to maintain the validity of an investor’s visa in the UAE after opening a company and applying for a visa is to visit the United Arab Emirates every 180 days and pay annual fees for the extension of the established company. It is worth noting that the extension of a visa is not affected in any way by the absence or presence of active entrepreneurial activity. Fujairah visa rules allow to open investor visa in for 3 years with the possibility of subsequent renewal.

Also, after opening a company in a free zone, you can apply for employment visa for your company stuff. First, you need to apply for entry permit. It is drawn up by the company in Fujairah, and a color scan of the document is sent to the employee by e-mail. Upon arrival in the UAE, the employee must pick up the original entry permit and go through passport control already with the original – the passport control officer will put an entry mark on the entry permit itself.

After entering the country, the employee has 60 days to receive Fujairah employment visa. During this time, it is necessary to pass a medical test, pass fingerprints for Emirates ID, sign a work contract, and also submit all documents for obtaining a visa.


To obtain a visa, an investor must perform the following procedures, in addition to opening a company:

  • Obtain Resident ID – this document is issued during Fujairah free zone visa processing time. In order to apply for a Resident ID, which is also called Emirates ID, it is necessary to submit the original entry permit with entry mark and the original passport to any of the authorized centers. After creating a registration application, you should contact any Emirates ID Authority center in order to take a fingerprint and take a photo. Resident ID is issued for 3 years (for the duration of the visa). Issuing a Resident ID, as a rule, takes from 1 to 3 weeks.
  • Have a medical examination – it is necessary to submit applications and then take an X-ray and conduct a blood test at any authorized medical center. Results can usually be obtained in a period from 2 hours to 2 days.

Requirements for the list of documents to obtain an investor visa, and the size of fees also varies depending on the place of registration of the company.

Fujairah free zone visa cancellation can be implemented in case of violation of the laws of the country, violation of the visa conditions or violation of other rules.

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