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How to Get Your UAE Residence Visa

The United Arab Emirates is not only a desirable vacation spot but a thriving business paradise that combines the benefits of the rapid economic growth with lenient taxation and no bureaucracy. Whether you want to invest or open your business in the UAE, you will need a residence permit to stay within the borders and oversee the operation. Read on to learn more on how to get residence visa in Dubai or another emirate.

What Is UAE Residence Visa?

While an entry permit allows you to get into the country and stay for a limited time, UAE residence visa allows long-term stays and opens new doors for you. As of February 2019, the state changed the UAE resident visa requirements. You do not need a sponsor to request a visa to live, work, or study within the UAE. The country provides a chance to get permits for 5 or 10 years with automatic renewal.

However, be aware that immigration rules are subject to regular change. The latest regulations might be overruled and overhauled, so make sure to check with the official government portals or your immigration representative to learn about the latest Dubai residence visa regulations, requirements, and limitations.

Current UAE Residence Visa Requirements

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According to the latest change in immigration regulations, these categories of people are eligible for sponsor-free 5-year-long visas:

  • Outstanding high school and university students with an overall score of 95% and up or a GPA of 3.75 and up. The student long-term visa covers their family members.
  • Entrepreneurs approved by a business incubator or working on a project worthy of at least AED 500,000. The residency visa covers three executive officers, one partner, and the entrepreneur’s family members.
  • Investors with AED 5+ million investment in UAE properties in case the money is not loaned, and the properties are kept for three years minimum.

The requirements for a 10-year-long residency visa include:

  • Specialized talent in a field of science or art approved by the government authority. Applicants must possess a valid work contract in their specialized area that is a priority of the state. The document extends to family members.
  • UAE contribution of AED 10 million or more that can take the form of an investment fund deposit, real estate properties, establishing a business. The property owned should be kept for 3+ years, and the funds cannot be on loan.

Besides meeting these requirements for long-term visa approval, you will require a valid entry permit. Moreover, you will have to pass a medical test that proves you are free of infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis B, and syphilis. A negative pregnancy test is required for female applicants. Considering most long-term permits cover the applicant’s family members, UAE residence visa requirements for family are the same as for individuals.

You won’t find a single figure to encompass all UAE residence visa fees on any official website, as the procedure includes multiple steps and most require small payments. Moreover, individual Emirates might charge different fees for medical examinations, bank charges, typing centers’ services. Similar to residence visa approval, the prices are calculated on a case-by-case basis. The UAE residence visa cost can be as low as AED 420 if you dismiss all extra charges, but even this number is subject to change according to the latest government decisions.

UAE Residence Visa Renewal

According to the latest regulations, UAE residence visa renewal before expiry is automatic for sponsor-free long-term visa holders. They need not submit applications or documents to extend their stay in the country.

However, those who hold old work/residency visas or do not meet the requirements for the long-term permits, need to go through the standard renewal process that requires a sponsor, a documentation package, and UAE residence visa renewal fees. The latter depend on the Emirate you live in, similar to the initial resident visa costs.

Dubai residence visa renewal processing time is minimal, but you only have 30 days upon visa expiration to submit the documents, so you better act fast. You can apply for a renewal one to six months before expiration. However, you will need a GDRFA approval from the emirate that issued your visa.

If you have more questions about Dubai residence visa processing time and cost, reach out to a team of immigration professionals. They will assess your chances, help gather the required documentation and handle Dubai residence visa renewal with minimum fuss and stress.

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How can I get UAE residence visa?

For traveling to the UAE for the purpose of studying, working, or business setup in UAE or just offshore bank account opening, you would need to take to apply for resident visa and get it stamped in your passport. Dynasty Business Adviser as your business consultant will help you to deal with UAE residence visa requirements.

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How much are UAE residence visa fees?

The UAE residence visa cost can be as low as AED 420 if you dismiss all extra charges, but even this number is subject to change according to the latest government decisions. Please contact Dynasty Business Adviser and our business consultants will help you to deal with all UAE residence visa rules.
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How can I get a UAE residence visa renewal before expiry?

You need to meet the standard UAE residence visa renewal requirements, a documentation package and UAE residence visa renewal charges. The latter depend on the freezone (Emirates) you live in, similar to the initial UAE residence visa cost.

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