Opening an offshore account in UAE


The UAE banks enjoy demand from successful businessmen from all over the world. Thanks to its stable and rapidly growing economy, more and more invest into business in the UAE. No wonder that offshore companies with a bank account in the UAE are now considered on the international level as one of the best options for doing business.

An offshore account can be opened by a company in the UAE offshore zone. Such an account cannot be registered for personal use. Only a legal body with a corresponding status in the UAE can hold an offshore account. You can open this account in some local banks. Companies with founders who already have active companies in their countries are usually given a priority when opening an offshore account.

Dynasty Business Adviser offers assistance with opening an offshore account. Moreover, our company of qualified experts will help you to choose a bank taking into account the specifics of your business, and will also provide give you a comprehensive consultation.

Specifics of opening offshore account in UAE

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Most financial institutions in the UAE place no limits for management an offshore bank account.

An offshore account in the UAE has a number of benefits, such as confidentiality, reliability and security, as well as excellent service. Upon opening an account, every client is granted «Internet banking» service allowing them to manage company assets from anywhere in the world.

Opening an offshore account in the UAE bank is a special case, as banks require a more detailed information about company owners. This is a complex procedure, which requires certain skills and expertise. A lack of knowledge of some specifics often delays the process or even results in a denial to open an account. That is why you should save your previous time by contacting our specialists with decades of experience in the field.

Opening bank account for offshore company in UAE: basic requirements

Physical presence of an applicant for submission of documents is the primary requirement for opening a bank account in Dubai or other Emirates for an offshore company. It is also possible to carry out this procedure during a private meeting between a company representative and an applicant in the latter’s country. Opening an account without a physical presence of an applicant is considered illegal. An offshore account can be opened in the UAE bank subsidiary in other countries.

Each bank has its own specific requirements. Contact our specialists to learn more.

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List of documents required to open offshore account in UAE

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To open a bank account in the UAE, an applicant should provide the following list of documents:

  • Shareholder’s passport copy with entry stamp;
  • Passport copies of other shareholders (if more than two);
  • Charter documents confirming official registration and legitimacy of company.

Banks can request additional information apart from the listed documents.

If you wish to open an offshore account in the UAE, contact our qualified experts, who will take care of the procedure and carry it out as quickly as possible. You can contact us online by filling out the feedback form, by the given telephone number or Skype.