Why it is profitable to use consulting services when starting a business in the UAE

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
1 December 2020
Why it is profitable to use consulting services when starting a business in the UAE

Over the past few decades, the UAE has become an international business center with a dynamically developing economy. The strategic geographical location also allowed the country to become the largest logistics center in the Middle East. Excellent infrastructure, security and a high standard of living, as well as the liberal policies of the local government make the Emirates one of the most attractive places in the world for setting up a business.

The country’s economy is becoming more diversified thanks to the development of trade, transport, tourism, manufacturing and the financial sector. All this creates the most favorable conditions for investing in the economy and real estate of the UAE.

Business setup in Dubai or in other emirate provides investor with following advantages:

  • Today, the UAE is considered one of the main financial centers of the world where unique conditions for doing business are created.
  • There are no corporate taxes and personal income taxes for foreign investors in the UAE.
  • Possibility of opening a local company, offshore company or free zone company according to needs of your Emirates business.
  • Foreign investors are entitled to a residence visa not only for themselves, but also for their immediate family.

How to make the process of opening Dubai business as efficient as possible

Starting a business in the UAE is quick enough. But for this, it is worthwhile to entrust the registration of the company, the preparation and applying of relevant documents to professional business consultant who is familiar with the specifics and characteristics of the local market.

Dynasty Business Adviser will solve all issues related to the collection of documentation, registration procedures and opening a bank account while you conduct business processes.

Using of business management consulting services will help you solve the following problems when starting a business:

  • Choosing the right emirate – you can start a business in the United Arab Emirates in any of the 7 emirates – individual micro-states. The country is a federation with a monarchical form of government in each of the emirates. Therefore, in addition to the general federal laws, in each of them there are additional laws of the emirate. And professional management consulting company will help you understand the differences in the law and choose the right place for your tasks.
  • Choosing the right company type for your business – before you open your business in the UAE, you have to understand the exact type of activity or services that your company is going to provide. The type of company and the type of license you need for business setup in UAE depends on this.
  • Opening a bank account for your business – this is one of the important steps in structuring your business and tax planning. This step will require a deep analytical approach and collecting the right package of documents. To significantly speed up and simplify the process of opening a corporate account without delving into the legal nuances, this work should be entrusted to specialists of S.H Adviser business setup consultants in Dubai.
  • Obtaining UAE residence visas – as a company shareholder, you have the right to apply for a resident visa of the UAE for yourself, your family members and employees and become a legal tax resident of one of the most prosperous and economically developed countries in the world. Dynasty Business Adviser makes this procedure in the shortest possible time and also provides services for visa extension and renewal.
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