Obtaining UAE citizenship

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
12 November 2020
Obtaining UAE citizenship

The UAE has a rapidly growing economy, stable financial and political systems, so its citizens have high living standards unattainable for most countries. People that visit the UAE are amazed by its luxury life and wealth, so they often wish to become Emirati citizens. This article will explain how to obtain UAE citizenship and its benefits.

Possibility to obtain UAE citizenship and its benefits for immigrants

There are a few countries in the world, where obtaining citizenship is as difficult as in the UAE. The authorities are committed to protect wellbeing of citizens. That is why the country’s policy is aimed at minimizing possibilities for giving UAE citizenship to foreigners. However, it is still not impossible. Before you learn how to obtain citizenship of Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other Emirate, it would be useful to find out about its benefits.

UAE citizenship grants unparalleled privileges:

  • high-level health services, bringing the UAE to the top-10 in that category (free for citizens);
  • a $100,000 deposit and a free plot of land for each child born with a citizenship;
  • state-funded education at home and abroad; the level of education in the UAE is very high, so diplomas issued by local universities are recognized worldwide;
  • taking management positions opened only for UAE citizens;
  • salary privileges: 2-3-fold higher compared to non-citizens in a similar job, $6,000-8,000 at the beginning of a career and often up to $100,000 per month close to retirement;
  • visa-free entry to most countries in the world;
  • state social guarantees and subsidies for public utility payments;
  • exclusive rights for land purchase.

Becoming UAE citizen

There are a few ways to obtain UAE citizenship:

  • to be born to a family of UAE citizens, which also applies to those born in other countries;
  • for a foreign women, to marry an UAE citizen and spend at least 5 years in this marriage (that term is constantly changing), while also renouncing her previous citizenship;
  • naturalization for foreigners that lived in the UAE for a certain period of time, with certain residence qualifications for different countries:
  • Qatar, Bahrain and Oman citizens – 3 years;
  • person of Arab origin – 7 years;
  • citizens of other countries – 30 years.

Applicants for UAE citizenship must comply with the following requirements:

  • have a legal income;
  • submit certificate of clean criminal record;
  • respect traditions and culture of the UAE, have a reputation of a law abiding citizen;
  • have a perfect command of the Arabic language.

Compliance with the conditions does not fully guarantee you will obtain citizenship, but foreigners officially employed in the UAE or those who purchased residential property there have higher changes to succeed.

«Dynasty Business Adviser» experts will help you to make the first step towards citizenship of Dubai by making a residence visa. Please, contact us with any questions – we look forward to assisting you!

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