UAE and Other Citizens will Need Permission to Visit Many European Countries

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
21 August 2023
UAE and Other Citizens will Need Permission to Visit Many European Countries

The news of introducing the Etias system, which requires citizens to obtain prior permission to enter 30 countries in Europe, is causing hot discussion among travelers and tourism communities. From the source, we learned that the citizens of the UAE and many other countries would be forced to apply to visit Europe from the following year. 

We concluded that the system would affect approximately 1.4 billion citizens from different countries (58). The visit permit will be linked to the passport and valid for three years or until its expiration date. When updating the document, the tourist must also obtain a new permit.

Etias will be able to control the restriction of the stay of foreigners in the country up to 90 days every six months. Such a measure is taken for the safety and regulation of the tourist flow.

The Etias rules will also affect citizens of countries with the most powerful passports, among the top ten countries in the HPI ranking. Citizens of Canada, Great Britain, and the USA enjoyed the freedom of a visa-free regime, and now they will be forced to obtain permits.

We have analyzed the information that the application for entry will be available through the app or on the Etias website. Its price is planned at EUR 7, and the vast majority will be considered in just a couple of minutes (admit that in some cases, the consideration will last up to 14 or 30 days).

Introducing such a system will cause changes in tourists’ plans. However, it will make it possible to regulate the flow of travelers in Europe better.

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