Preparation of corporate documents in Dubai

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
31 May 2024
Preparation of corporate documents in Dubai

Dubai is an excellent platform for opening, diversifying, or relocating a business. It is a wealthy country that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and is famous for the most comfortable conditions for business development. The local authorities have made considerable efforts to teach the locals tolerance for European culture, which is reflected, among other things, in local legislation. Tax rates here are the lowest in the world, the banking system is highly reliable, and advanced technologies are being introduced at a cosmic speed.

Dubai is especially attractive for the possibility of online registration of corporate documents. Clients no longer need to personally visit notary services, the Ministry of Justice, the Consular Department, the Embassy and other instances, wasting precious time and huge funds on travel and accommodation in the Emirates. The solution is simple and fast, provided that you contact a reliable company to an online notary. Let’s take a closer look at how this specialist can help your business.

Online notary for business

Types of corporate documents in UAE

In Dubai, there are two notary practices: private and public, unlike other emirates, where only public notaries are allowed to work.

Advantages of working with private notaries of the Dynasty Business Adviser company:

  • fast processing of incoming customer requests;
  • an individual approach to each client with an understanding of business needs;
  • reliability and security of each transaction;
  • more affordable prices for online registration of corporate documents than in other emirates.

Our specialists have access to the Dubai Courts service and are empowered to provide online services. Documents issued by our notaries have legitimacy throughout the UAE.

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What corporate documents are

Corporate documents contain the rules and regulations adopted within the organization, intended for a specific group of individuals. They play a key role in the company management, protecting its interests and ensuring transparency of processes inside it. They help outline the enterprise’s structure and define the rights and obligations of management and employees and the roles of shareholders.

Partners, creditors, and investors also study corporate documents before making decisions. These documents are alo used in the processes like confirming tax residency for the purpose of optimizing taxation, concluding contracts, and issuing powers of attorney. Therefore, it is important to prove their legitimacy in the UAE, which is exactly what a notary can help with. The procedure for registration of corporate documents may include getting ready in English and Arabic, legal translation, certification, and legalization* in the consulate.

*Since the UAE is not a party to the Hague Convention on Apostille (this is a standardized form confirming the authenticity of the document), corporate documents issued in other countries are subject to mandatory legalization.

Documents we work with

Online notary for business in UAE

The experts at Dynasty Business Adviser handle all types of corporate documents, with the most commonly requested being:

  • Founding documents.
  • Statutory documents.
  • Corporate agreement.
  • Collective agreement.
  • Founder/participant decision.
  • Agreement and regulation on trade secrets and confidential information.
  • Resolution of corporate disputes.

The average cost of online registration of corporate documents is about 2100 AED. However, it may vary depending on the services requested by the customer. These may include drafting services, amending documents, their translation, legalization, and providing professional assistance in notarization. “Government fees can also affect the price.

Founding documents

Founding documents serve as the basis for a legal entity’s operations. They typically contain information about the legal entity’s name, its creation’s purpose, location, and management structure. However, their content depends on the organizational and legal form of the enterprise. In the UAE, offshore, onshore, and local companies are available for registration. As a licensed agent, we provide online registration of founding documents for companies of all types.

Statutory documents

Unlike founding documents, statutory documents contain more specific information, such as the name and address of the enterprise, the company charter, information about the founders, an extract from the state register, a protocol of the founders’ meeting on the appointment of the director, the number of issued shares, and more. Remote preparation of statutory documents in Dubai can involve creating documentation from scratch or making additions to an existing set of documents. Changes may relate to a name change, company activities, the number of founders, and their notarial decisions.

Corporate agreement

A corporate agreement is a document that allocates the roles and responsibilities of the members of a legal entity and defines their authority. Third parties, such as creditors or investors, may be involved in the corporate agreement. Registration of a corporate agreement is necessary to give it legal force and prevent possible disputes.

Collective agreement

A collective agreement is a legal document that guarantees the social and labor obligations of the parties. Essentially, it is a written contract that defines the working conditions for employees. It includes regulations on salaries, benefits, and employee responsibilities, as well as the duties and responsibilities of the employer. It often includes rules for the process of resolving disputes.

Founder/participant decision

Some legal entities, such as LLCs, can be established by a single party. In this case, instead of a founders’ meeting minutes, a document outlining the decision of the sole participant (or founder) is required.

Agreement and regulation on trade secrets and confidential information

An agreement on trade secrets and confidential information, also known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), is a document that obliges the parties to keep certain information confidential, obtained during cooperation. It is necessary in cases where services are provided that may involve data leakage. The regulation on trade secrets is a normative document developed within a specific organization to protect confidential information.

It’s advisable to delegate the creation of such documents to professionals with a legal background to prevent potential “misunderstandings” with the law.

Resolution of corporate disputes

Due to the mixed legal system, the UAE’s procedure for resolving corporate disputes can be very complex. Both Sharia law and elements of Western law are in effect here, particularly in commercial matters. To properly prepare for a court process, it is necessary to correctly compose and notarize the necessary documents:

  • claims;
  • complaints;
  • contracts.

For resolving these issues, we are ready to provide legal consultation, which you can order by requesting a callback.

Confidentiality of trade secrets

Confidentiality of trade secrets in UAE

Data privacy is a crucial aspect of business that we pay significant attention to. Trade secrets can cover various types of information, such as manufacturing processes, formulas, strategies, client databases, research and development efforts and much more. As we process the documentation, we encounter these specific details.

However, we take great care in maintaining our reputation and that of our clients. To prevent financial losses that may arise from the leakage of crucial information, we use various methods to protect trade secrets, from signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to using modern encryption technologies.


In this material, we’ve explored the possibility of remotely processing corporate documents. We discussed which specific documentation requires notarial certification for successful business operations. We touched on dispute resolution issues and the need for legal consultation. We also emphasized how crucial it is for us to maintain our clients’ trade secrets and what steps we take to protect them.

If you align with our business ethics, we invite you to get in touch. We are available 24/7. Our experienced and proficient team has been successfully introducing new businesses into the UAE market for over 8 years while also providing ongoing legal support. Rest assured that they will handle all of your queries effectively.

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