Is it possible to issue a power of attorney online in Dubai?

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
2 June 2024
Is it possible to issue a power of attorney online in Dubai?

Dubai, the youngest megacity, impresses with its towering skyscrapers and the world’s largest trading center. The local authorities’ encouragement of business development and openness to other cultures attract more foreign investors and businessmen here daily. Here, you can conduct transactions remotely using the practice of powers of attorney and document certification online, which allows you to close many issues without the need for the buyer or seller to be physically present in the Emirates.

Thanks to this, a busy schedule or being outside the country is no longer a barrier to conducting important transactions, selling property, managing a business, drafting a will, or inheriting property. What is particularly interesting is that documents issued in Dubai are legitimate in all emirates.

In this article, our experts explain what a power of attorney is, what rights it grants, and how to issue it without visiting Dubai.

The possibility of issuing a power of attorney online in Dubai

Ability to make an online power of attorney in Dubai

Remote notarial services and online courts became part of the adaptation to modern realities after 2020 when the world entered the global fight against COVID-19. The practice of providing notarial services remotely has not only continued after the threat was eliminated, but it is also continuing to develop. For instance, in the UAE, only state notaries were considered legitimate. Now, in Dubai, private notary offices are widely spread and successfully offer their services online.

Thanks to these innovations, it is now easy to issue a notarized power of attorney in Dubai online: you just need to contact a reliable company and order the service. It includes arranging a meeting between the deal participants and a notary on the remote service, Dubai Courts. Only licensed professionals with the right to practice notarial work gain access to this platform.

What is a power of attorney (PoA) in Dubai and the UAE

To prevent fraud during transactions, such as buying or selling real estate, both the seller and buyer must be present in person. However, each party can be replaced by a representative who has power of attorney to execute the transaction. Essentially, this document allows an individual or legal entity (the agent) to act on behalf of the person who issued the power of attorney (the principal).

You can draft a power of attorney online for anyone who has reached the age of 21. It’s crucial to find someone you trust, someone who will defend your interests. More often than not, powers of attorney are granted to competent professionals familiar with the language and local laws: financiers, lawyers, accountants. However, sometimes, an agent could be a close friend or relative.

Why you need an online power of attorney in Dubai

In Dubai and the UAE, a power of attorney can be used in various situations. For instance, when the principal is unable to act or make decisions due to reasons such as a busy schedule, being out of the country, illness, or lack of sufficient knowledge in a specific field.

What types of power of attorney are there in Dubai

Types of Powers of Attorney in Dubai

In Dubai, as well as in the UAE, a power of attorney (PoA) comes in two types: general and special.
A general power of attorney grants unlimited authority to the representative. It can be used for real estate transactions, company formation, representation before government bodies, and other situations. However, there’s always a risk that the person acting on behalf of the grantor may exceed their powers.

A special power of attorney grants only specific and limited powers to your agent. However, each issuance consumes your time, money, and effort.

A general power of attorney grants the agent such rights: 

  • making decisions on behalf of the principal;
  • unrestricted control over movable and immovable property;
  • advocating for the grantor’s interests before government agencies;
  • registering legal entities;
  • opening bank accounts for transactions;
  • signing any documents.

A special power of attorney is relevant in cases such as:

  • delegating the inheritance acquisition;
  • resolving property disputes;
  • buying and selling real estate;
  • using a vehicle;
  • permission to travel with a child under 21 for someone who is not the parent or guardian;
  • parental consent for marriage.

A power of attorney is often used in real estate transactions for buying or selling property. In some cases, a general power of attorney may not be applicable for certain cases. For instance, selling an apartment requires a special power of attorney. 

We recommend to get legal advice before drafting a power of attorney to ensure you choose the document that best suits your purpose or situation. Given that a general power of attorney can be misused, it is crucial to draft the document in such a way that allows you to revoke it at any time. As specialists in international law, we are ready to provide qualified assistance to make you feel confident. 

How a power of attorney is issued

сделать нотариальную доверенность в Дубае онлайн

To have a power of attorney recognized in the UAE, it must be drafted in English or Arabic and notarized. You can get a notarial power of attorney remotely through the Dubai Courts service. This platform is home to state-registered and licensed notaries authorized to provide online document certification services. 

To avoid service denial, it’s crucial to prepare properly for an online meeting – there should be no mistakes in your documents. Their translations must be notarized. The grantor must attend the video conference. During the online meeting, originals of all necessary documents are provided. Transaction security is ensured through multi-level protection measures that include OTR passwords and digital signatures. 

The set of documents required for verification depends on the type of power of attorney. For instance, when it comes to a personal power of attorney for inheritance purposes, individuals will need: 

  • a document verifying identity;
  • identification number;
  • death certificate.

Legal entities will need to provide their statutory documents and a certificate of registration. If the documents are obtained by individuals or legal entities outside the UAE, they must be legalized. We recommend seeking assistance from our experts, who can offer professional help with electronic notarization and organizing online meetings. 

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How to issue a power of attorney in Dubai

When issuing a power of attorney through our website, follow these simple steps: 

  • go to this page and select the service you need;
  • select the document type in the proper fields of the form and click “Order now”;
  • check off the available documents and describe in the comments section the essence of your request;
  • upload the scanned copies of the documents listed and click the “Pay for service” button;
  • after your payment is confirmed, our expert will contact you to help arrange an online meeting with a notary;
  • during a video conference, the notary must verify that each participant is who they claim to be. Therefore, you will need to provide original documents such as your passport or Emirates ID and any other relevant paperwork;
  • after completing of the procedure, you will receive a notarized electronic certificate in both Arabic and English. 

The cost of the service

The cost of issuing a general power of attorney is approximately 1600 AED, while a personal one costs around 1900 AED. However, the service fee may be influenced by factors such as government fees and the need for: 

  • editing or drafting a document from scratch in accordance with legal requirements;
  • translation into English or Arabic;
  • legalization of the document.

You can find out how much it costs to get a power of attorney in Dubai directly on the service order page or by contacting our managers for a consultation. 

Other services our company offers

In addition to issuing powers of attorney, we offer services for other legal matters: 

  • we assist in drafting and notarizing wills;
  • we prepare corporate documents;
  • we provide assistance with document legalization;
  • we notarize documents at the Ministry of Justice and other authorities;
  • we provide legal consultations;
  • we help to open local or offshore companies; 
  • registere companies in Free Zones;
  • we provide comprehensive accounting support, including auditing and tax reporting services;
  • we open tourist and resident visas.

Our range of services is constantly expanding as our dynamic team gains experience and enhances their skills. You can find the most up-to-date list in the relevant section. 


You have learned how to obtain a power of attorney while abroad, including the costs and procedures for obtaining it through our website. If you need assistance with getting a power of attorney (POA) or other legal services, our experts are ready to help. Thanks to the experience of our efficient team, which has been working in this field for over 8 years, you can get a notarized power of attorney online quickly and on your first try. On average, we provide such services within one day. 

Most of our clients stay with us for the long haul. Once they experience our services, they see firsthand that we are a reliable partner. 

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