Registering a trademark in the UAE

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Registering a trademark in the UAE is essential for companies that sell their own products in the country. The UAE is one of the most developed and successful countries in the world and a hub for biggest international corporations. The country has the 7th highest GDP per capita, which indicates a high purchasing capacity of its population.

Approximately 26,000 trademarks are registered every year in Dubai, with 80% of the total amount registered by non-residents. Trademarks (or copyright) are valid in all the seven emirates. Registering a trademark provides reliable protection for your business in the foreign market from unfair competitors and is an effective way of advertising commercial activity and trademark products.


Specifics of trademark registration in the UAE

There is a number of specific features of trademark registration in the UAE:

  • absence of a state body that administers copyright and trademark registration (applications are submitted directly to the Ministry of Economy);
  • applications are filed in the name of a legal or a private body;
  • any symbols and characters can be used as a trademark, including words, phrases, logos, colour combinations and even melodies;
  • Nice Classification of products (goods and services) is effective in the country with special provisions for Class 32 and 33 (alcoholic beverages are not subject to registration in the UAE);
  • one trademark per one class (one trademark cannot be registered for several classes);
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You need to make sure there are no existing identical marks that were registered earlier. Similarities between trademarks is one of the most common reason to deny trademark registration in Dubai. The fee paid (registration fee in the UAE is one of the highest in the world) is not refunded.

Before registering a trademark in the UAE, it is important to note that using the elements of state or international organizations’ symbols as well as names and pictures of people without their official consent is prohibited. Registration will be also denied if signs of violations of moral or religious principles are found during the examination of a new trademark.

Symbols, texts and images that insult the Islamic culture and traditions are prohibited. What Europeans see as ordinary and normal things can provoke the opposite reaction in the UAE. That is why it is important to get assistance from a competent organization or consultant that know the specifics of symbol interpretation as well as other aspects.

Documents for trademark registration in the UAE

The following documents need to be prepared for trademark registration in the UAE:

  • paper and digital (JPEG file) black and white TM image;
  • detailed description of products (services) of the enterprise;
  • letter of authorization to file the application if you are unable to appear at the place of trademark registration in person (documents issued outside of the UAE have to be certified in a local embassy or consulate);
  • company registration certificate (copy in the name of the legal body);
  • identification documents if the application is submitted by a private entity (passport, tax number);
  • documents confirming the registration of the trademark in other countries (if the procedure was conducted on the territory of other jurisdictions);
  • invoice document that confirms payment of the duty;
  • translation of trademark names (into English and Arabic).

Plan of action for the applicant

Trademark is reviewed within 30 days after the application is submitted to the UAE Ministry of Economy. The application is published in the ministry’s official periodical if there are no issues found. An additional publication is made at the applicant’s expense in two local newspapers in Arabic.

The ministry completes registration of the trademark within a month after the approval of the application. It takes 3 to 4 months and no more than half a year between the filing of an application and receiving of a certificate. After the registration of a trademark in Dubai, you obtain a certificate that is valid for 10 years in the territory of the country (starting from the moment of application, with a possibility of extension).

Third parties can dispute the registration if the trademark has not been used for five years. In addition, the UAE Ministry of the Economy also enables a voluntary termination of a trademark in the country’s territory. To do that you need to file an application, pay a state fee and publish a notice in two local newspapers.

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Help with trademark registration in Dubai

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Dynasty Business Adviser provides a full range of services for registration of businesses and intellectual property rights in the UAE. We have extensive practical experience and professional competence in a specialized field. We assist businesses from various fields and with different incomes.

Our main goal is to provide effective support in development and promotion of commercial activities, protection from unfair competition and prevention of unnecessary expenses.

We help out clients save time on filling out documents and performing other procedures during the registration. We are committed to honest service, prepare financial statements and provide consulting. For more information, book a callback or contact us via online chat.