Business tours in UAE

Pauline Familara
Pauline Familara
3 December 2020
Business tours in UAE

Many entrepreneurs from countries with adverse taxation climate and tight state control are interested in doing business in the UAE. However, it is difficult to move operations to one of the most successful countries in the Middle East without a clear understanding of local business principles, operating processes in the market, as well as how companies are established and operated within free economic zones.

Entrepreneurs who wish to see into these questions, establish business contacts, and take part in corporate events and meetings as well as international exhibitions and conferences can go on a business tour in the UAE.

UAE business tour programme

Business tourism in the UAE aims to combine business programme with local sights, entertainment and beach recreation. One person or a small group can participate in business tours.

The business part of the programme usually includes:

  • introduction to UAE business culture in the company of a personal consultant, visits to facilities in the field that is of interest to clients;
  • meetings with Emirati businesspeople to learn from their practical experience, establish contacts with potential investors or consumers of products and services of the client’s company;
  • visits to field-specific expositions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other events;
  • tours around the city and economic zones.

Tour organizers offer a wide range of services, including:

  • visa assistance;
  • selection of the most suitable flights and hotel booking;
  • accompanying at the airport during arrival and departure, airport transfer;
  • organization of talks and business meetings, visits to places of interest;
  • transport, services of a business consultant, a tour guide and an interpreter (if necessary);
  • accreditation and entrance tickets to events, and others.

Dynasty Business Adviser offers exciting and informative business tours in the UAE for entrepreneurs that want to have a company in the country as well as for business trips and events in the UAE.

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