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Company incorporation in the UAE

Opening a company in the UAE is prestigious! Today the United Arab Emirates is a global economic center that boasts rapid development, stable economy, favourable tax preferences and unsophisticated legislation, attracting investors and businessmen from all over the world. Consulting company Dynasty Business Adviser offers a full range of UAE company registration services. Our team of professional lawyers and economists with extensive experience will help you to open a company in Dubai and other emirates.


UAE company registration is a complex of demanding procedure. Qualified professionals of Dynasty Business Adviser are ready to aid you. By relying on us you will save your precious time and money, as our company is located in the UAE and provides services directly without any intermediaries. That is why we have reasonable prices.

Once you have decided to open a company in the UAE, first of all you need to choose a location. It is noteworthy that each of the seven emirates has its own regulations and terms for registrations. Moreover, there are free zones which have their own rules.

A local company is registered in the mainland territory of the country in order to operate within the emirates. According to the national legislation, such a company can be registered only if one of the partners is a UAE citizen, who owns 51% of shares.

If you want to open a company in Dubai with a 100% foreign share, we recommend you to choose one of the free economic zones. And still, if you want to open a local company in the UAE, you should learn its features:

  • a foreign citizen can own only 49% of the company’s shares, while 51% shall be owned by a local sponsor;
  • sponsor will be receiving an annual reward and he will not take part in the company’s operations.
  • a company can engage in any kind of activities within the territory of the UAE and abroad;
  • a company provide a residence visa and a tax certificate;
  • main office location depends on the emirate of registration;
  • no audit requirements;
  • no restriction on minimal authorized capital (1 AED is enough)
  • possibility to open an account in any UAE bank.

Experience has proven that registration of a local company in the UAE is required only in rare cases. Most activities can be carried out thought a company registered in a free zone.


Opening a company in the UAE with a local sponsor relevant in the following cases:

  • cooperation with governmental organizations;
  • participate in public tenders
  • trading in hole territory of the UAE;
  • performance of activities and providing services with the need of attendance and presence on assets in the other emirates;
  • when activity of a company requires large space and more visas, as office costs in the local land are lower than those in free zones.

A local sponsor is usually required to open a restaurant, school, kindergarten, construction, travel or insurance company.

But there are exceptions. Companies aimed at professional activities, such as legal, audit and consulting companies, require no local sponsor. In such cases a foreign businessman working on the mainland and outside of a free zone owns a 100% stake. An official support from a sponsor is required only during processing of visas for employees and dealing with the local authorities.

UAE Free Zone company incorporation

Free economic zones in the UAE were primarily designed to attract foreign investors. Among their benefits — simplified business registration procedure, favourable rental terms and tax privileges. There are multi-field and specialized free zones, which comprise the necessary developed infrastructure for a specific type of activity. For example, to open an educational institution you should choose Dubai Knowledge Village free zone, while Dubai Healthcare City best fits for healthcare businesses.

Registration of a company in Dubai has many advantages, including:

  • 100% foreign capital;
  • capability to operate across the country, products can be sold to the UAE via agents or distributors;
  • real office located only within the territory of a free zone, where the company is registered;
  • resident visa;
  • tax certificate granting a tax exemption in the businessman’s country of origin (in case double taxation agreement is implemented);
  • charter capital requirements depend on the provisions of each jurisdiction. Consider that a company registered in the UAE should receive a business license. There are several types of licenses depending on the business activity: trading, industrial and service. So better trust professional team of Dynasty Business Adviser in order to open a company in Dubai, other emirate or a free zone properly, to secure your business and guarantee its stability and success.

Company incorporation in the UAE by foreign company: legalization of documents

It is important to note that the UAE is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, so a legalization of documents is required to register a company by another foreign company or to open a bank account.

To do so, you will need to submit a suite of documents translated into English and certified by a notary. Next the documents are certified in the Ministry of Justice, and should also be certified in UAE consulate in the country of origin of a non-resident. Finally the documents are certified in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In some instances documents of a company registered in the Emirates must be legalized. In such a case, you must certify documents at a notary office (for local companies) or in a free zone. The next step is a certified translation of documents from Arabic into the required language. After that the documents are certified by the Ministry of Justice, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the consulate of a country where the documents are being submitted.

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The procedure requires a certain level of competence, and Dynasty Business Adviser specialists possess the necessary skills and experience. They will help you to quickly, efficiently and properly legalize any documents.

To receive our experts’ advice, submit an online application, request a call-back or contact us using the phone number, Skype, Viber or WhatsApp. We will help you to open a company in the UAE and make your business successful!

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